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trendy iphoneA new study called “What’s on their Screen, What’s on their Minds” by Microsoft Advertising says that the “screens” we use for entertainment each have a distinct personality that impacts how and when we use it. So allow me to introduce you to The Screens.

The computer is the middle brother in the family. He’s a work horse. He’s “informative” (67%) and “productive” but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to party. 58% said that their computer was more fun than their TV but mostly they expected to learn something or get something done when they booted up this box. How’s that for a one-sided relationship?

The smartphone is the trendy, sophisticated sister that went off to college in the big city. She’s “cool” (61 percent), “stylish” (59 percent), and “trendsetting” (59 percent). Ms Smartphone is someone they want to hang out with but heaven forbid she doesn’t stay ahead of the curve. If she doesn’t change with the times, then it’ll be time to go looking for a new BFF.

The game console is the kooky little brother that you probably shouldn’t hang out with but, man, you know it’s going to be a good time. Consumers in the survey said that he’s the most fun and engaging screen and he knows everybody! When you’re with the game console, you feel connected to the world and that really rocks.

The TV is the oldest of the Screen family’s kids. He’s entertaining for sure (69%) but he’s not as fun as his siblings. And between you and me, with his old school style and rigid schedule, he’s just not as engaging (38%). You gotta give him some respect thought, because he’s been doing this awhile and on Thursday nights he sure knows how to host a party, but he’s just not the go-to-guy that he used to be.

Collectively, the Screens are a pretty awesome bunch. They’re intelligent, they make friends easily and they they understand if you want to spread your time between them. Individually, they all have a lot to give, but when they get together, they’re something else. Like when sister Smartphone picks up songs from big brother TV’s favorite show then sends it to brother computer so he can add it to a track for baby bro game console – that’s making the Multi-Screens work.

Which members of the Screen family are working for your business? We’d like to hear about it.

  • Ahaha, I’m totally the SmartPhone, trendsetting sister. Or at least that’s what I think my family would label me. While I always go for better technology, I don’t always get the first version. I’m also the economical sister who let’s the serious trendsetters get the first turn with v1 and then I go for the updated and improved v2. 🙂 I mean, I’m pretty happy not to be having the issues iPhone 4 users are having.