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Being a global marketer has always presented unique challenges for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons include lower adoption rates of technologies or tools in some areas, cultural barriers and the old standby, lack of resources. A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Buddy Media highlights just how tough it can be to be a global marketer even in today’s hyper connected social world.

The chart below shows highlights the general issue quite well. Note: this poll was conducted with 105 brand managers who have global responsibility.

In today’s world though the silver bullet is social media. Everybody gets it and does it, so it must be easy. Heck, Facebook itself has 500 million ‘active’ users so they can reached there, right? Not so fast. At least according to this poll, that may be the view of ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ but reality-based marketers have a different view.

The most difficult thing to overcome is the generation of local content. That’s tough for all marketers but can be even worse for those who have to tackle cultural barriers and other obstacles to getting their brand message out on a global scale.

According to the report, It seems that the best way to conquer this difficulty is a good old-fashioned local web site with local content. Sounds kind of boring doesn’t it but if it works it’s where you go.

Check out the full report (PDF) for more information.

So what are your most difficult issues if you are a global marketer? Do you see this segment the same way that this report sees it? What has your experience been trying to reach those around the globe? Is Facebook a good option for you?