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* maybe 🙂

Google has announced a change to the way it handles “branded” keyword searches. What are branded keyword searches, I hear you ask? Well, “apple” would be a great example of such a search. If you search “apple” you are–for the most part–looking for information on the electronics company.

Well, Google is making changes to the old rule that prevented more than 2 pages from showing in its results pages from the same domain. In fact, Google is giving some branded keywords a whole lot of real estate. A search for “apple” reveals 6 pages from the site:

So, why is Google making this change?

…today’s improvement will help users find deeper results from a single site, while still providing diversity on the results page

How does this help you with your Google reputation management. Well, while not every brand will see the “2 pages per site” limit lifted, those that do, will find it easier to push down that negative article about your company. It becomes a whole lot easier to manage the top ten of Google’s search results when you can get 6 pages from your own site in there!

Go and take a look at your Google reputation and report back if Google is giving you more than 2 results.

  • I have noticed this change on my domains and some of our clients domains. It is a welcomed change. I wonder if a sub.domain url was considered a 2nd link in the past? I have noticed multiple sub dfomains for a single domain rank on page 1 in teh past. I would say a company could use domain/support and ? and this may create further protection of page 1?