Posted August 23, 2010 11:50 am by with 7 comments

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You may or may not have heard about Google’s latest test with search results. If you did, you have likely already formed your opinion on this experiment. If you haven’t check out the video below from Rob Ousbey. In the interest of not trying to influence your take on this particular Google experiment I won’t tell you my opinion just yet.

So Pilgrim readers, is this something you would like to see as part of the Google search results?

  • This could actually be a very good tool that Google put out as they provide faster search results and also targets users needs by showing relevant information as they are typing in the search queries.

    Other search engines will follow but without question this new innovation is due to the updates and new competition from Bing search proving that competition works and the end user is the beneficiary.

  • Kristine S

    Please make it stop. What a pos idea. Remember T9 texting? You could not even look at the word unti you were done because it was so annoying to watch it change. And as someone pointed out on my facebook, what about when you type analysis or sextuplets. Just because you can does not mean you should, This will be an annoying confusing and pointless mess.

    WHY IN THE WORLD do i need results based on what I have partially typed in? Is that what I am searching for? Of course not. Stupid, dumb idea from people suffering from look how brilliant I am disease.

  • Imagine how this would change your CTR numbers both organically and PPC.

  • From a purely SEO point of view, we all would have been better off if the SERPS had stopped changing around 10:15 am on October 9, 2003. But that’s just my opinion.

    The way Google keeps changing the SERPS at a faster rate and with more automation, it’s like they only want us to rank by pure luck.

  • Jane Noel

    Are people so impatient for results, they can’t wait a millisecond after they finish typing? I’d find it visually disturbing to have the screen jumping and changing as I type each letter.

  • The moving search results is impressive but since people were used to what Google has shown for the past few year of its existence, I think it would be difficult to adjust on this kind of search results.

  • I know what I am searching for so let me finish typing my query first. I hate when my word processor anticipates what i am typing and is wrong. Annoying at best…

    So what says you Frank?