Posted August 4, 2010 9:41 am by with 1 comment

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Wow, if you thought Google was dominant in search, you need to redefine your idea of dominant.

It is impressive enough that Google controls around 80% of the search marketing in the US, but according to Chitika, that doesn’t include the search share it gets from being the default search engine in Firefox.

That share alone is estimated at 9.18%, which is larger than the general market share of Yahoo or Bing!

The Mozilla Foundation earns most of its revenue from its partnership deal with Google. Now we know why the search giant is willing to hand over a eight figure sum each year. If I were Microsoft, I’d offer Mozilla a deal they couldn’t refuse. After all, isn’t, say, $500M a year worth it to secure an instant 9% market share?

  • You have to wonder how much relationship management has gone into all of this. MSFT could sure write a $1 billion check. Their balance sheet had $5 billion in cash at June 30, not counting short term investments and the other liquidity.

    But isn’t there enough bad blood and culture clash between closed Microsoft and open source Mozilla? Still, adding zeroes to a check would be a start, especially as Chrome continues snagging the early adopters from Firefox.