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Where are you advertising in 2010?

TV? Print? Radio? Online?

Well, of course online! But, where online are you focusing your marketing efforts? According to Nielsen, if you’re focusing all of your budget on search ads, you might be barking up the wrong tree.

If you want to be where your consumers are actually hanging out, then social networks are the place to advertise:

OK, so social networks see the greatest share of time, but which social networks? While we may be all of a tizzy over the possibilities of Twitter advertising, Facebook is where the action is at!

Not only does Facebook command the highest audience of all the social networks:

But, it’s also the place where we tend to spend the most time: 4 hours and 39 minutes on average–compared to Twitter’s measly 31 minutes a month.

I guess 140 character limits–and a multitude of third-part interfaces–means that marketers are going to find it hard to garner attention on Twitter.

  • I’ve found Facebook to be progressively more boring and irrelevant. All those games are huge time wasters, and I am constantly blocking FB apps. Yes, you may get a lot of user views and eyeballs, but if most people are like me, they will spend less and less time on Facebook.

  • Yes, marketing gurus are all aflutter over Facebook’s advertising potential. But thus far the results have been lackluster. Social networking sites will loose any feel of authenticity if they turn into nothing but virtual ad space. After all, it’s pretty hard to make branding seem natural, isn’t it?

  • Advertising dollars are also wisely spent on signs. Using magnetics or full color wraps on your vehicle, banners and lighted signs on your store, and other types of signs inside your store will help promote what you sell.

    • I hear smoke signals can be quite lucrative as well……

  • I guess it stands to reason that the 140 character limit puts FB in front of Twitter for advertising preference

  • This is a very interesting article to see the expansion of facebook and twitter and also the average time spent on facebook. I think to ensure that both networking sites work to help you promote your business, you need to follow some guidelines and do some research online, i think the best example of this i have seen was for Starbucks where they allowed customers to print out vouchers from there facebook page, promoting the business and boasting the amount of followers.

  • Very interesting article. The growth of Facebook is crazy!. I do think marketers need to have a presence in social media to cultivate relationships. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!