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A few minutes ago, I pointed by my browser to the Daily Radar Blips sites with the intention of dropping a link to my last post here on Marketing Pilgrim. This is what I found:

Apparently Future US, the parent company of Daily Radar, has pulled the plug on the entire network including BallHype, ShowHype and my beloved TVBlips. Seriously? Just like that?

I took a turn around the internet and Twitter and was surprised to find that it wasn’t a big topic of conversation. Few people seem to have noticed the closure and maybe that, right there, explains it all.

Daily Radar was a niche version of Digg. Instead of adding your links to a general pot, you added them to a specific “blips” portal individually or by way of a feed. They had a site for TV, music, politics, green living, webmarketing, technology and all the major sports. There had to be at 30 – 50 sites in the network and now there are none.

Websites close everyday, though not as often as they used to, but this no notice closure is particularly annoying because Daily Radar was a community site. It wasn’t written by staff members. I know this because I was a staff member a few years ago. We kept the sites neat and tidy, but the content was provided by the thousands of blog feeds that were listed across all the niche sites.

Once you became a member, there was friending and following and voting stories up and down and commenting. . .you know. . .a community. People. People  like me who both enjoyed reading the sites and learned to depend on it as a means of marketing my posts.

I suppose there are numerous legitimate business reasons for not alerting the world that a site is about to go dark. I also supposed that I wouldn’t feel any better about losing a site I visited on a regular basis if I knew about it ahead of time. Still, it would be nice to hear an explanation, even if it is the standard, we weren’t making enough money.  The parent company, Future US, is a major publisher of gamer and computer magazines, which has to be a tough sell these days. Things are changing so fast, how can there be any new news in a computer magazine that has to be written three months before publication? Maybe the downturn in magazine sales meant that the budget had to be slashed and Daily Radar took the bullet.

Maybe in the next few days, more news on the whys and wheres will come to light. But for me, it’s a sad day. Daily Radar sites are on the referrers list on every one of my websites and I will be hard pressed to find a replacement. Maybe the new Digg will take their spot? I doubt it, but I’ll give it a try.

Were you a Daily Radar blip site user? What are your thoughts on the no-notice shut down?

  • This is so sad.

  • I am not that active in visiting Daily Radar but the news about it’s shutting down makes me a little bit sad.

  • The message says that the website is no longer supported. Well I hope that Daily Radar’s supporters would think about the website and continue to support it to make the website up again.

    • I thought the word “supported” was an odd choice. Is there some deeper meaning, like the sites will show up under a different owner or were they just trying to lessen the blow of saying “shut down?”

  • Big loss for bloggers. It’s a big shock for me, I am still not believing on this news. I think Daily Radar will come back with new face and new stuff.

  • The Guitar World Blips was a healthy and vigorous site. There’s no way that they weren’t winning with ad revenues. Dozens of guitar and music bloggers were hung out to dry. Considering the entire DailyRadar Blips network is down, there must be millions of now dead Google results.

    What a shame. Networks have been completely disconnected and cut off from each other.

    Guitar bloggers can check out the newly launched It’s still under development, but will provide a similar platform and networking hub for guitar related bloggers and web contributors.

  • I was just as shocked. I write a pro wrestling blog and one of their niche sites was called WrestlingBlips. In the past couple of months I was able to get an extra 1,000 hits from the site, and now it’s just gone! This really sucks!!!

    • I hear ya. It was a great source of traffic for my niche blogs. Looks like a good time for someone else to jump into the space. Who has a big server they’re not using. . .

      • Well, jumped into the space several months ago and is doing gangbusters. We invite people to check us out.

        To say we are shocked about all this is to put it mildly – all those poor folks who worked there! – but we are really happy for a change that we are 100% employee owned – no mega budgets but no ‘parent company’ or VC to jerk the rug out from under our feet either.

  • This is sad. I just found out about the site a little over a month ago. I was getting a lot of hits from that site and was just getting the hang out it, but now it’s gone. I knew that they closed off the anime section, but the whole site?

  • Jerry

    I visited sometimes. But what I cannot figure out is that another blog is still posting new posts, linked to dailyradar, including today. And when I click the link, I get the website closed message.

  • I am a regular user of Daily Radar.I get disappointed when i here the news. I still believe that they come back

  • Andrea

    Future US closed the Blips sites including Ball Hype, Show Hype and DailyRadar on August 23rd. The support from bloggers and community members has been fantastic, but as we looked ahead we saw continuing shifts in consumption and sharing patterns — and increasing investment needs to take advantage of these changes. We decided we should concentrate our thinking and resources on our core content areas, so reluctantly decided to close the Blips sites.

  • I was shocked it just suddenly went off the map… used it a lot for my sport site, met a few nice people through it as well… shame

  • I use to get a few thousand visitors a month from Daily Radar. Why should they close the website? Is running cost for an aggregator site high?

  • Meg

    Miss daily radar’s ‘country blips’.
    Very sad!!

  • I was a member of Book Blips. I liked going to the site to find more blogs and find out what was the hot topic of the week. I certainly used the site. The first clue I had that anything was wrong was that none of the buttons on my blog worked. I wish I had some notice or explanation before it happened. It was rather abrupt.

  • Sam

    This is really a shock -why on earth shut down one of the best sites for information on the net? I am really questioning why this happened as Daily Radar held a good rank and traffic. We need to find out why and how we can resurrect it.

  • Sam

    I think I found out the reason. They were being sued by Nintendo for using the word pokeman or some stupid executive at Nintendo thought it was a good idea. Here is the info:

    Boycott Nintendo.

    • @SAM — The link about the Nintendo thing is dated 2001. Probably not a factor. Attention to detail sparky!

  • Sam

    My Bad Stratosparky, good catch though. Did u research on the real reason yet?