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Tú me amas, realmente me encanta!

That was the cry from Twitter execs when they read the recent report from comScore on the growth of the service worldwide. Latin America is up 305% over last year with a large portion of the users coming from Brazil and Venezuela. They say much of the growth comes from the fact that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez joined Twitter in April.

Another country caught up in the Twitter boom is Indonesia. 20.8% of that country’s population visited Twitter in June (the month the survey was conducted). Overall, Asia showed an uptick of 243%, way above the Middle East, Africa, Europe and even North America.

Since the survey was designed to measure the growth over the past year, the US and Canada landed in last place with only a 22% change in the number of people using Twitter.

Looking at the actual usage numbers, Asia is on top with 25,121 visitors this past June, with North America and Europe coming in just under that.

The survey also looked at mobile usage of Twitter and there the US was king with 8.3% of smartphone users logging on to tweet in June. The UK comes in second with Germany coming in third. These numbers are pretty sad considering that Twitter was originally designed for mobile use. Looks like most of us are Twittering from our home or office instead of instant messaging or sending an email.

The comScore report measured Twitter usage in 41 countries around the globe and growth was evident across the board. There was a 109% change worldwide and there’s every reason to believe that the growth will continue particularly in Latin America and Asia. For marketers with a global message, now would be a good time to mount that new Twitter campaign, while the program is still fresh, exciting and not over-saturated.

Graphic: comScore

  • The Twitter community is growing fast. More and more people are into Twitter for the past months.