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Local online ad spending is climbing faster than expected with sales reaching a number in 2011 that was originally predicted for 2012.

According to a study by Borrell Associates, which was reported on by PaidContent, online ad spending is likely to rise 18% next year rising to $16.1 billion dollars. Ad spending overall is expected to hit $51.9 billion which equals a 14% growth.

This is a nice leap over this year’s spending which is likely to rise less than 2% from last year. Borrell says this upswing is coming mostly from the rise in targeted advertising to local audiences and “everything involving social media.”

None of this is surprising given that “local” is the magic word of late. Everyday the marketing news is filled with stories about new mobile apps, websites and social media sites that are helping business target the customers in their neighborhood.

Technology is making it much easier for the mom and pop bicycle business to compete with Toys R Us and thanks to mobile and social media marketing, dad doesn’t have to dress up as a bumble bee in order to make sales.

Sadly, I do miss the days of Crazy Eddie screaming at me about how his prices are INSANE and my week is never complete until I’ve heard that mattress guy sigh, “You’re killing me, Larry!”  But the truth is, as much as I enjoy those local commercials, I’ve never been compelled to by their product. On the other hand, an email for a free entree at the restaurant up the street will have me there by the end of the week.

As an interesting side note, Borrell lists Monroe, LA – El Dorado, AR, Albany – Schenectady, NY, and Des Moines – Ames, IA, as the fastest growing areas for local advertising.

Among the slowest? Fairbanks, AK. Imagine that.

  • Thanks Cynthia…

    Our experience clearly shows Local Online Spending has been rising and will continue to rise over the next couple of years. It is no surprise to anyone that people are going online before buying anything today; however, they are also looking for deals close to home – even secondary deals they might stumble upon… just because the were looking online.

    Our economy will turn around at some point; but in the meantime, consumers will continue to look for Local Marketing Specials. Thanks again for the reminder

  • What staggering figures we are spending on advertising and unfortunately it is a lot of people losing money because they are not experienced enough and they are not monitoring it. I have seen some people new to the internet think that advertising will make them a sale but that is not what happens. The longer they stay on the net the wiser they become. Experience becomes their teacher.