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If you’re looking to reach parents by mobile messaging, send them grocery coupons and more than 50% of them will be happy to accept. That comes from a survey which was conducted by Harris Interactive and it showed that parents with children are more interested in receiving mobile text alerts from merchants than those without kids.

Great news for those of you with family-oriented products, but don’t start texting just yet. The reality is that only 7% (versus 2%) of people with kids said they were extremely interested in getting those messages. A whopping 65% of people with children checked the “not at all” box.

There is some good, but probably not surprising, news in the study. When asked what kinds of text alerts they would be most interested in receiving (if they were interested at all), a whopping 77% of parents with kids age 6-12 were looking for grocery coupons and promotions. Discounts for national restaurant chains followed closely behind that, along with entertainment products like movie and sporting event tickets.

The only categories that were more appealing to people without kids were coffee and travel deals. Again, pretty logical if you think it through.

The takeaway here is that parents are busy people who are always looking for a deal to help make ends meet. If you’ve got a product that works for the whole family, a mobile coupon is likely to be well received. Right now, mobile coupons aren’t for everyone but companies such as Cellfire are working hard to change that. The biggest hurtle is the lack of organization when it comes to mobile messaging. When I’m at McDonalds with a crying baby and two toddlers fighting over a toy, I don’t have time to scan my texting history to find that $1.00 off coupon. Hey, iPhone! Is there an app for that?

  • Elena

    Is there an app for this? I think mostly everyone’s, not just mom’s, preference is convenience. Searching through email on my phone to locate a coupon is a pain. I definitely hate text alerts, I don’t want advertisements mixing in with my correspondance with friends and family, it’s too invasive. A coupon app however, might make some soccer moms feel differently.

  • Sara

    Mobile coupons are definitely convenient, and not just for moms!! Being a student I love to save money by redeeming coupons wherever and whenever I can. There are plenty of mobile coupon apps out there, and one that I use quiet a lot is Peekaboo Mobile which you should check out

  • Casey

    Thanks for posting this. I think the conclusions make sense and fit with what I’ve seen. Moms have a lot of recurring, non-impulse expenses for the family and are looking for ways to lower their costs. Mobile coupons are a great distribution channel but organization and easy access are the current barriers to getting them in front of the customer at the time of purchase.