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Not to be outdone by Facebook’s ‘Like’ button it looks like Twitter is joining the ‘click here for more exposure’ crowd with its very own Tweet button. This kind of sharing had been the domain of Tweetmeme until this point so we will need to keep an eye on their fate as this new feature appears.

Mashable reports

Twitter is launching an official Tweet Button for sharing articles on websites and counting how many times a URL has been shared, according to documents Mashable has obtained. The Tweet Button could launch as soon as this Thursday.

We’re still diving into the details, but from what we can tell, the Tweet Button is designed to be the most comprehensive counter of retweets and shares across Twitter’s network. It is a single line of code that can be added to any website. There are three versions of the button (110×20, 55×20, 55×63) with five different settings for customization.

Below is an overview of the button that was ‘obtained’ by Mashable. Of course, since this is the Internet please ignore the confidential note at the bottom and the subject to NDA thought as well. Who is Twitter kidding anyway? The ‘leak’ of these internal ‘documents’’ is just their PR department creating a little buzz around this idea, right?

So now there will be a chance to more easily share content with your Twitter buddies. Twitter assures publishers that this activity will not remove readers from their site when it is used. It looks like one of those ‘win-win’ deals doesn’t it?

So what will become of Tweetmeme? We don’t have a clue. Ben Parr of Mashable supposes that there must be some deal cut because Twitter wouldn’t just spring this on Teetmeme. I take the other side and ask “What is Twitter’s obligation to ‘warn’ anyone about anything?” Business is business and those developers that have made businesses riding on the back of Twitter for this amount of time should be prepared for the day when the free-ride is over. That’s called business.

  • thanx for good artical ,

  • very harsh if Tweetmeme really is left in the lurch…
    … we (and prob most others) are very likely to use the Twitter version, just because its all part of the official setup

    would be nice to think that Twitter bought them out, but it seems unlikely – its not a patentable idea (its really just twiiter creating a Like button)

    we’re creating a black and white version of the Twitter images and code right now for our ski site, so shout if you’d like the GFX to post here for others to use – free of course

  • QOT

    It about time twitter controlled the retweet button on their own turf.