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OMG! LMAO! It’s Twitter…the Movie! #Awesome

So, apparently there’s a real movie being released in the fall, all about Facebook.

No seriously! The Social Network will cash in on Facebooks popularity–and Mark Zuckerberg’s exploits–and likely make millions of dollars.

Will I go see it. Maybe. I’d at least be able to write off the ticket, the 32oz Diet Coke and the jumbo popcorn as a business expense. ;-)

What I would like to see is this parody trailer for a fictional movie about Twitter, turned into a real movie.

Funny stuff!

  • Frank Reed

    That was very funny.

  • Tamar Weinberg

    Am I the only one who thought it was lame? I only laughed once. :o

    • Andy Beal

      I don’t think the average person thinks about social networks in the same cerebral way you do Tamar! ;-)

      • Tamar Weinberg

        Maybe. :)

  • Hospitality Software

    Its really so Funny ….

  • harly

    its really funny it just the way of promotion through social media marketing.