Magazine Circulation Free Fall Slowing a Bit

No news here that magazine circulations continue to fall but at least they may be out of free-fall ……. for now according to the Fas-Fax report from the Audit Bureau of Circulations for the first half of this year. Total paid subscriptions were 267,413,646, down 1.96 percent while Total Single-Copy Sales were 32,479,272, a fall-off of 5.63 percent.The industry has struggled to keep circulation numbers up which in, in turn, have created more woes for advertising rates and there is that darn economy thing. All in all, it’s been a bit rough recently for magazines, hasn’t it? reports

Sites To Allow Visitors To Choose the Ads They Want to See

As the advertising world continues to try to figure out just the best way to deliver ads online enter Microsoft, Yahoo and Hulu are using something called ASq to allow site visitors to choose just what ad they would like to see before a video. Honestly, I don’t know who ‘owns’ ASq because the article in Bloomberg Businessweek covering this particular advertising change is unclear.

Starting next month, websites that include,, and will begin letting consumers decide which ads show up in video clips they view online.

The new ad-selecting tool is called ASq and may step up development of the $3.1 billion global video ads market, already online advertising’s fastest-growing segment. While it may not end unwelcome commercials for car insurance or weight-loss pills, it may help websites command higher rates while letting marketers attract more eyeballs and improve consumer targeting.

Attention! Win Copies of Jim Kukral’s New Book

Jim Kukral is the master at getting attention.

I remember when BlogRush had the entire blogging community in a tizzy. Jim jumped on the overhyped-widget-bandwagon and grabbed thousands of email sign-ups for his alternative “BlogBucks” service. BlogBucks promised untold riches but ended up being nothing more than a spoof. Jim deleted all the subscribers but in just a couple of days proved that he was the master at gaining Attention!

If I listed out every instance of Jim’s ability to get you to “click” then we’d be here all day. Instead, how about we just give away 3 copies of Jim Kukral’s awesome new book Attention! and you can see for yourself?

Filled with case studies and real-world examples, Jim explains strategies and techniques, including:

Cup of Joe: I Hate Good Ideas

Mouse TrapI hate good ideas!

Seriously they are so overrated! Everyone has the better mouse trap. Everyone thinks they can solve the world’s problems if they only had the chance. Good ideas are everywhere and the vast majority of them are completely pointless.

Take string theory for example. Here’s a very interesting idea in physics that attempts to bridge the gap between Albert Einsteins work, and the work of today’s modern physicist. The problem though is that you can’t test string theory. So, it may hold all the answers to our universe but we have absolutely no idea how to confirm it.

As entrepreneurs we are approached on a daily basis with new ideas. Some of them come from our own imagination and others from talks with others. It never ceases to amaze me how many times a seemingly good idea ends up going nowhere.

Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead

Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead?

Who knew?

David Meerman Scott, apparently. :-)

Facebook’s July US Traffic Trends Up

Facebook is known for two things: numbers that go up and boneheaded privacy moves. The privacy thing has cooled off as of late as did the growth from June of this year. According to Inside Facebook, though, things have returned to normal at least on the US growth front for the social media giant.

As always, it is important to understand the source of the information and this comes from Inside Facebook who just so happens to be offering a membership service that tracks this kind of thing.

As for continued growth of Facebook in the US, how much more room do you think there is? What is probably the better question is what is Facebook doing to maintain the interest of its existing account holders? I know for me I have found less and less reason to check my Facebook page. Maybe the thrill is gone, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the summer and it’s hot and blah, blah, blah……

Vote Now: Do you Love or Hate Twitter’s “Who to Follow” Box?

I love Twitter.

I also happen to love using the Twitter web interface.

What I hate, is the new “Who to Follow” box.

Why do I hate it? First, I don’t need to clutter my Twitter stream by following more people thank you very much. Second, there is no way to collapse or delete the “Who to Follow” feature. I even tried “Xing” every suggested user in the hope that the feature would then give up. Did it? Nope, it just regenerated with a bunch of other names.

But that could just be me. I may be the minority. Maybe you love the new feature. Either way, let me (and Twitter) know how you feel about the new feature by voting below.