Major Check In: Foursquare in Times Square

If a picture is worth a thousand words then let’s save some typing time. This is the foursquare ad that is in New York City’s Times Square. Now, it’s important to note that the reason its there is because American Eagle is footing the bill but it’s foursquare that wins big on this one (hat tip to TechCrunch).

Just because it’s advertised doesn’t mean it has arrived but this certainly cannot hurt.

PR Agency Settles With FTC Over Fake Reviews

Just in case you were wondering there are people out there that are manipulating social media to their advantage. What, you say?! Say it ain’t so! People are always honest when it comes to trying to sell things……right?

Well, of course we all know that trust is a major concern when it comes to social media and the reviews it can generate. Can we trust that the reviewer is being completely objective? Can we trust that the reviewer was not paid to do so or (more innocently?) prodded to do so.

What we can be sure of though is that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is paying attention and can get involved to stop such activities even for those few that actually get caught.

The latest story comes from TG Daily

Facebook Gets Sued Over Like Button on Ads

There are ads that I like. Target is always kitschy and catchy. Those Mac vs PC ads are charming and I wish the Gap would go back to those great dance commercials. I really liked those. But when Facebook asks me to “like” a sidebar ad, I find that weird. Two parents in Los Angeles are finding it more than just weird. They say it’s illegal and they’re suing Facebook over it.

According to a report at ClickZ, the case stems from the idea that encouraging  children to “like” an ad, Facebook is, in effect, asking them to use peer pressure to get their friends to click and that’s exploitation of a minor for profit.

Cup of Joe: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is or Shut Up!

Shut UpOn Monday, we posted a piece about Philadelphia’s new Business Privilege Tax. In short the city now wants to tax bloggers whether they are making an income with their blog or not. It appears to be another case of a misguided municipality looking to bring in new revenue streams.

As expected, most bloggers are angered by this new tax. I don’t live in Philadelphia and I try my hardest to not complain about taxes. Therefore, I want to ask a much more important question:

Should blogging be free?

Nowadays, anyone with an Internet connection can sign up and get a free blog. That’s right anyone can have a free platform to share their thoughts and ideas with the world! It sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? But what I want to know is, should it be free? Should users have to pay to blog? In short my answer is:

The Majority of Business Are Using Social Marketing, But Why?

63% of marketers are already using social media marketing while more than half of those who aren’t currently involved said they were planning on jumping in probably within the next year. But why? Extra Mile Audience Research conducted a study for PivotCon and here’s what they found out:

People said they used social media marketing because:

— We realized that social media marketing is a powerful tool for brands or products 70%

— Our audience is on social media sites 62%

— We saw that social media users/always-on consumers gather information differently 47%

— To use social media as part of our customer support and relationship management 40%

Get Google TV or Get Terrorized by Freaky Mutant Televisions [Video]

What happens when you don’t add Google TV to your television?

Apparently, it turns into a freaky, one-eyed, monster that terrorizes your house, that’s what!

Check out these ads that are running to promote Logitech’s partnership with Google TV.

Google’s Realtime Search: WIll It Be Real Useful?

Yesterday Google began its rollout of its Realtime search offering. While You could send some precious time reading my description of the service let’s let the folks from Google tell you instead.

The LA Times reports

The idea is to give people one place to find timely information about an earthquake or other major event that just happened, said Dylan Casey, a product manager at Google.

Google has added a location tool that can zero in on a specific geographic area so you can see tweets near you. Google also gives the option of a conversation view so that you can follow the responses to tweets without having to click through a bunch of links. The tweets are organized from oldest to newest.