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One of the popular concerns of companies that are nervous regarding a Facebook page for the business is whether it will turn into a customer support ‘center’. It is a concern because it requires that people need to monitor the page and be responsive to those who have questions / concerns / needs around the product or service offered.

Two things about that. First, If you are concerned about having to ‘monitor’ your Facebook page you are probably not a good candidate for this outlet for your business. In other words, if you have to ask then you shouldn’t be involved. Second, what better place to have a chance to connect with those needing help in order to make them happy or keep them as happy customers?

A new offering from customer support software maker Parature called, appropriately enough, Parature for Facebook helps companies truly turn their Facebook presence into a customer support center in a way that makes the process manageable.

Mashable tells us some more.

As Facebook continues to balloon in size, so too do the audiences that find, “like” and engage with brands via their Facebook Pages. Tomorrow {today, Thursday 8.12.10}, customer service software maker Parature will release a Facebook application that will help brands enhance the quality of customer service they can provide via Facebook.

Parature for Facebook is designed to make a company’s Facebook Page double as a full-featured customer support center.

Parature joins the likes of Get Satisfaction and its Social Engagement Hub in bringing customer service software to businesses living inside the world’s biggest social network.

The popular language learning software, Rosetta Stone, will be rolling out this option and it will look like this to those who are interested in starting a support ‘ticket’ through Rosetta’s Facebook page.

There will be four parts to the offering: Find an Answer, Ask a Question, Chat with Live Agent and Monitor. The last one is for the admin piece of the software.

All in all, it makes sense. People are going to seek support in the Facebook environment regardless of whether there is a formal ‘system’ in place. They will do it because they are frustrated with other attempts to get help, because they are lazy and don’t want to try to find another channel or they just assume that part of the reason for a company to have a Facebook page is to field customer support concerns.

Is your company Facebook page a true support environment? If it isn’t, should there be a formalized process to help people get help so they don’t get frustrated if those keeping an eye on that Facebook presence do not hear their concerns? What’s your take?

  • I think it is a good opportunity for companies to consider their facebook page seriously. By converting it to fully customer support center they can build long term relationship with their customers by solving their issues.

  • Interesting article- I was not aware of this application! A huge part of facebook is listening to your customers and especially, responding to them. It can become an excellent customer service forum- many people check their facebook daily and will be very satisfied if they are being responded to.

  • Thanks for share this article with us.This application not in my knowledge before the reading of your article.Its great advantage of the facbook. thanks for share it wit us.