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The 10 Best Infographics for Internet Marketing Pros

Yesterday I joked on Twitter that:

Top 10 lists are sooo 2009, this year’s linkbait seems to be the “infographic”

To which, Dr. Pete suggested that I should go ahead and put together a Top 10 List of Infographics! A great idea!

Look, we both know that this is linkbait–a top ten list combined with infographics, c’mon!–but you have to admit, it’s worth bookmarking or tweeting. Right? ;-)

1. The History of Marketing Channels

(Updated 2012 History of Marketing Channels infographic here)

2. The Power of Local Mobile Search

3. The History of Search

4. The 12-Step Landing Page Rehab Program

5. The Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing

6. Google’s Long History of Social Media Attempts

7. Are We Addicted to the Internet?

8. Social Media Subscriber Infographic

9. The CMO’s Guide to the Social Media Landscape

10. The History of Marketing

11. Bonus Infographic ;-)