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Twitter’s Promoted Tweets: 300% More Engaging Than Normal Tweets

How much benefit do you get from being part of Twitter’s limited test of Promoted Tweets?

Well, according to one of the participants, Zecco, life is pretty good at the top of the Twitter Search results!

Over the past two months, Zecco sampled 50 Promoted Tweets and measured their effectiveness. In comparison to regular Tweets, Zecco saw an average 50% increase in engagement with Promoted Tweets and 200 to 300% increases in some cases. During this time, the majority of Zecco’s tweets focused on financial market commentary and new product offerings.

Of course, 300% is relative to the baseline. So, the percentage could appear to be more impressive than the actual numbers. Still, it’s good news for Twitter as it continues on its quest to find a revenue model.

I guess my question is this. Will that increase in engagement decline, once Promoted Tweets is available to all and the novelty wears off?


  • Clean Cut Media

    very curious how it will all pan out.