Posted August 6, 2010 9:55 am by with 8 comments

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I love Twitter.

I also happen to love using the Twitter web interface.

What I hate, is the new “Who to Follow” box.

Why do I hate it? First, I don’t need to clutter my Twitter stream by following more people thank you very much. Second, there is no way to collapse or delete the “Who to Follow” feature. I even tried “Xing” every suggested user in the hope that the feature would then give up. Did it? Nope, it just regenerated with a bunch of other names.

But that could just be me. I may be the minority. Maybe you love the new feature. Either way, let me (and Twitter) know how you feel about the new feature by voting below.

  • you aren’t following @brentdpayne? you should be.. @tonyadam meh.. (LOL j/k)

    • Hah! There are a lot of great people that I should follow, I just can’t keep up with the people I’m already following. 🙁

  • Why are you using the web interface? 😉

    • Ha! Tamar, I use the web interface too! Lol. I actually don’t mind the Who to Follow. It seems like the recommendations are semi-useful. I’ve been seeing a lot of verified accounts come through. But I see why you don’t like the extra clutter. It would be nice to minimize it.

    • I’m not now! 🙂 I’ve gone back to my Hootsuite account.

      I liked the web interface because I like to stay within the web browser so I can use any computer, anywhere.

  • I think it is useful. Another way to get more followers!

  • Morgan

    I can’t stand it. It keeps recommending people or brands that I have unfollowed (recently, too)! There must be some way to fix the algorithm so they’re not suggesting people you have unfollowed. Being able to minimize it would be great.

  • i don’t like it, because I get the same few girls all the time, like c’mon twitter I’ve “x”ed their names about 5-15 times, let’s be honest I’m not liked to add them the 16th time i see their name. Maybe if they gave me other people, or hot guys or something then maybe i’d add them.

    it’s a cool feature, but I’d rather have the ability to collapse it.

    lol maybe they should do a who to unfollow due to inactivity, jk.