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When it comes to word of mouth marketing, GasPedal says there are three talkers you may have overlooked. One of them you see everyday when you head in to work. It’s your receptionist, your mail-room guy, even your secretary and it doesn’t matter if they work for the marketing department, they are the perfect brand advocates.

Employees are often the last people we think of when it comes to marketing but who else has a bigger stake in wanting to see a company do well? Take your receptionist. She probably has 500 Facebook friends and her own fan-following on her blog. Why not offer her some free samples to spread around? Make her an affiliate so she can earn a kick-back on sales or give her her own discount code to share with friends and family.

Another excellent resource is what GasPedal calls “the dreamers.” These are the people who only wish they had what you’re selling. They’re fans and they’ll happily talk about it without any reward, so just imagine how far they’d go for a company perk.

TV networks and movie studios have slowly come around to understanding this marketing channel. Where they used to hit fans with cease and desist orders, they now offer all-expense paid trips to the set of their favorite shows. A fan who has just come home from a set visit can be counted on to give an enthusiastic report to a tightly targeted audience, all of whom wish they were her.

The courting of mommy bloggers also falls into this category as corporations give away expensive products and free trips in return for some good press. A recent article in Variety stated, “Fox execs see mommy bloggers as the most fertile marketing demo to come along since comicbook geeks.”

Ready to start building your own WOM army? After you’re done recruiting in your office, check Twitter search and online forums for fans who are already excited about your brand, then make them an offer they can’t refuse.

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