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With all of the talk about the Yahoo to bing transition there is now more indication (albeit less than overpowering) that the transition is in full force.

Check out the tiny little font at the absolute bottom of a Yahoo search result that I did for “Marketing Pilgrim”.

I wonder if the font size of the “Powered by Bing” notification was part of the negotiation. If it was, score one for Yahoo because unless you are really looking you won’t see this mention. Oh, and I guess that we are all to capitalize Bing now as well? Don’t you love it when companies make a logo that ends up confusing how something should be written? Yahoo (use the exclamation point or not?) and Bing-bing are a match made in Internet heaven then.

cnet also reports that some Yahoo search services like Search Monkey will be eliminated. One that will survive is BOSS.

Also, publishers who had been using Yahoo’s Search Monkey galleries and applications for highlighting search results will have to figure out a new strategy, as that product is going away. Yahoo isn’t giving up on the notion of semantic search–structured content displayed alongside crawled search results–by any means. But instead of having developers create apps for Yahoo, Web site publishers can just add enhanced listing information using standard formats–Google’s approach–and have them displayed in search results.

Also it looks like there will be some confusion about how to get help with this new hybrid approach

One potentially confusing aspect of the transition involves the fact that even though results on Yahoo pages will be powered by Microsoft, Webmasters that need to report problems or highlight new sites within Yahoo will need to use Yahoo’s Site Explorer for Yahoo pages, and Microsoft’s Bing Webmaster Central for Bing pages. That’s because the transition is rolling out first in the U.S. and Canada, and it will be some time before results in other parts of the world are powered by Bing.

Well, we are now easing into the age of Bingahoo, YaBing, Microhoo or whatever you want to call it so you better put on your seat belts. I suspect this is going to be a very rocky ride.

  • My yahoo SERP listing suddenly dissappeared, and I was wondering what went wrong? From the first page to nowhere – how can that be??? On scrolling down the page, I saw this “powered by Bing” stuff. I never was bothered for a bing SERP listing, but why would Yahoo forego their own search results to give in to Bing? Weird. Don’t really care if it is powered by whoever, just want my site to regain it’s previous front page listing. Thank God, Google is still powered by Google. Hope it will not suddenly get powered by Facebook. God Help Webmasters.

  • Bo

    So does this mean it is 2 for the price of one? I can optimize for Bing and rank well in over with Yahoo too?

  • Bryan

    Hell with Microsoft. Bing sucks! Get rid of it. Bring back MY Yahoo! BY YAHOO! Fuck M$! Yahoo is the pioneer of search engines. All others copied off of it. So bug off! Are you forcing people to move away by using stupid stuff?