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If you want to connect with the fans on your Facebook page, post on Friday morning and use a picture. Those are the three elements that scored highest for fan engagement in the new study by Virtue. With Anatomy of a Facebook Post, the social media management company studied the effects of day, time and inclusion of video or images when posting on Facebook.

The least startling news is that adding an image ups engagement 54% over text posts and 22% over video posts. From there, the stats are broken down into two segments, CPG (Consumer Package Goods) and QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants).

When looking strictly at package goods, Thursday scored slightly higher for engagement and Wednesday bombed. Apparently that drop off is due to the fact that everyone is out to lunch. The study found that restaurants were a hit when they dropped coupons on Wednesdays. 156% more effective than a Saturday and 147% more effective than a Tuesday. Now those are stats worth paying attention to if you’re selling lunch to office workers. And speaking of lunch, in general, posts that show up before noon are 65% more effective unless you’re a QSR. Here there was a slight advantage to posting after noon. 12%, says the study. Logic tells me that even though the study defined afternoon as everything between 12:01 pm and midnight, it’s likely that the small boost comes from people looking for a place to do lunch, and maybe pick up dinner on the way home. Logically, not many people would check Facebook for a deal before heading out to breakfast, so there is a symmetry to all of this.

If you want the nuisances, download the free report from Virtue. If you’re a big picture kinda guy, then take away this, unless you’re a quick serve restaurant, plan on putting all of your actionable Facebook posts up in the morning on Friday and don’t forget to include a pretty picture.

  • I will try this one this coming Friday and see if it’s really effective.

  • Thanks for the tips. I will try them out and see the response I get on our Facebook Fanpage.