Posted September 22, 2010 11:24 am by with 4 comments

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Search Engine Land is reporting on Microsoft’s third attempt to launch a search loyalty program.

Bing Rewards lets users earn credits that can be redeemed for products, gift cards, or charitable donations.

Except, the requirements for joining are outrageous!

People must first install the Bing Bar toolbar, have a Windows Live ID, be on a Windows machine and use Internet Explorer. No Chrome or Firefox, no Macs.

What the heck?

How many more hoops could Microsoft ask us to jump through? And it wonders why its loyalty programs fail. 🙁

  • Free thinkers need not apply.

  • Cynthia Boris

    I love rewards programs, but no Firefox? No thanks

  • Firefox actually works: they just don’t say it.

  • I do not get the “outrageous” bit…. why do you think it is called a “loyalty” program?? 🙂