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Google continues to make improvements to their Place Page offering. This time it’s with the ability to see the images in the page (which most companies don’t take advantage of anyway) in a slideshow.

Google continues to try to improve the Place Page experience and it’s not because they don’t have anything better to do. It all points to the mobile web and the ability for more and more people to eventually get this kind of information on the go. Let’s face it, mobile is here and Google is gearing up big time.

For now this feature appears to be restricted to the desktop / laptop version of Place Pages but my guess is that seeing it on your iPhone or Android device will likely be available sooner than later. The Google Latlong blog says

Today, we’re offering you a better, more streamlined way to view these photos. With this new feature, you can easily flip through a whole collection of photos and find the sites on the web that have relevant pictures of a given place. Photos that have been uploaded by our Panoramio or Google Places users will appear in high-resolution as an overlay when users click on them. For photos from other sources, you can easily click on a specific photo to see more and visit the site it comes from.

Here is what the pictures look like.

If companies are paying attention to the next wave they better be taking any changes in Place Pages on Google seriously. Why? Because as smartphones get smarter and their use widens, exactly how the Internet plays for someone seeking data while on the move and right at the point of ‘consumption’ could determine a sale or no-sale. It’s that simple. Is this just for destinations and retail stores? Not even close. The implications for the B to B space should be even bigger but that will come later as most B to B things do.

(Hat tip to Mike Blumenthal for the alert on his blog.)