Posted September 10, 2010 5:17 am by with 7 comments

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According to the Silicon Alley Insider and comScore, Facebook has taken over as the place where people spend more time online than even Google sites. This is a first apparently for Facebook who now seems to make a habit of reaching new milestones on a regular basis. Here’s the picture.

My question is what Google sites are we talking about? If it is all Google’s sites in aggregate that would then include YouTube and Gmail which then makes this chart really quite fascinating.As for Yahoo, well, the good news keeps rolling in huh as it appears that boatloads of minutes online are shifting away from them even more.

How much time do you spend on Facebook these days? Is it more important to your life (business and personal) than the use of Google sites, which are not really social (at least not today)?

  • It only proved that people are more interested with updating their FB status than doing any research in Google. Funny how people are so addict with FB, especially the games.

  • Yes Google to me doesn’t (yet) have a ‘social’ site…whereas Facebook is where you can go to see/meet/talk/share photos etc… ‘see what everyone’s doing…’ sort of like life’s lounge room…having said that I am using Gmail daily plus all the other Google tools often anyway… Thanks for the article… M

  • Jim

    I found myself visiting Facebook way too often recently, so I installed the Firefox add-on called “LeechBlock”. Now I am limited to ten minutes a day at I get more done, and the world continues to rotate. Apparently the world does not end if you fail to spend a ton of time on Facebook every day!

    • @Jim – Between you assuring the rest of us that the world continues on its axis and using an add-on called “LeechBlock” I am giving you the comment of the day award!

      Thanks for checking in and at least making me laugh!

  • Jason

    As Jim rightly points out, stop using Facebook and the globe continues to rotate. My take is: If Facebook were to go away, we’d be sad. If Google were to go away, we’d be lost.

    • Cynthia Boris

      So true, so true. I depend on Google for information, I use Facebook because everyone else does. I’m not a fan of Facebook but it seems that many of the people I like to keep up with have set up camp there, so, as Heidi Klum says, “I’m either in or I’m out!”

  • Its interesting but they are not the same. Most people go on the internet for 2 reasons it appears (at least to me):

    1) Information 2) Entertainment (which would include interaction in my humble opinion). Google provides mostly #1 and facebook mostly #2. If people feel they are wasting their time online it probably will be more because of #2. I also think #2 is more trendy. (see MySpace). I did read that over 50% of “facebookers” would drop facebook if something they liked better came along… loyalty seems limited. It probably applies to google too (if something better came along). I guess the question is can these providers “cross over” at all in to each others playing fields? I doubt it.

    People like variety and something new. It will be interesting to see the internet in 10 years. Look at 10 years ago. Where is netscape, aol etc now? Its hard to stay on top in business. Look at the Dow Jones, only 1 company is on it from 100 years ago. I believe that is GE.