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Yesterday, Yahoo once again tried to throw its hat into the Internet’s relevance ring. I give them credit for being scrappy to some degree but there seems to be much more talk than real action coming from the Sunnyvale boys (ooops, let’s not forget Carol Bartz at the helm, my bad) Change is something that needs to be concrete and not conceptual so I was wondering if this new plan for the future may be too little too late?

VentureBeat reports

Yahoo executives spoke to journalists at the company’s Sunnyvale, Calif. headquarters this morning about their future plans — both upcoming improvements to products like Yahoo Mail, and an ambitious three-year strategy to revitalize the company.

Chief products officer Blake Irving acknowledged that the company has a challenge in “bringing cool back to Yahoo.” A key part of that strategy is moving faster. Yahoo will be improving its products in shorter cycles, rather than spending a lot of time on grand product revamps that aim to “boil the ocean” with a bunch of new features. And those products will be better united into a single vision and experience, he said.

This kind of rhetoric is what comes from a company that is realizing that they may very well be left at the dock watching the cruise ship “Internet of the Future” leave port without them.

If it has taken Yahoo this long to realize that they need to move faster how are investors, Internet users and the Internet industry supposed to take that? There are boatloads of new options cropping up every day.

Let’s be honest. When you get an answer like the following answer to the question “What is Yahoo?” (reported by from Henry Blodget of the Business Insider) it’s enough to make a business person throw up in their mouth a little.

When asked at a press conference today what Yahoo is, product boss Blake Irving said the following:

“Yahoo is a global series of Web experiences across a variety of devices that gives people what they want. In content it connects advertisers to an audience that is global in scope. Yahoo is all about delivering experiences to individuals that make them engage with each other. Folks anchor on are you a search company? A content company? A communications company? We would like to engage with people on the things that matter most to them.”

At this point it is dogpiling to say anything else about Yahoo. I really would like to see them come back to relevance but I am starting to get the same feeling in the pit of my stomach at the mention of Yahoo that I do when someone talks about Aol. and its chances. That’s sad.

Where do you see Yahoo three years from now? Will they be cool or will they be cold like a business cadaver? Sounds harsh? In today’s world of speed and “do it wrong quickly” thinking I am not sure that this company has the chops to keep pace. What about you?

  • YaWHO?

  • I wish I could disagree.. The buzzards are flying around the company..most of the talent if they have not jumped ship..are elsewhere. In my own mind with the final takeover by BING (Yahoo Search). It is the end of an era. Investors and Business people take note. If you can’t describe what your company does in 3 lines to joe public – you’ve got major problems.

    What does Yahoo do..??

    Coke – We sell Soda
    Nike – Just do it Sports experience
    HP – We sell Printers and Systems
    Apple – We sell Steve Jobs (Just kidding)
    Microsoft – We sell operating systems and software.
    Google – We do Search and online advertising
    Facebook – We are a social network
    Linkedin – We are a business network for work
    Twitter – Microblogging and realtime connection.