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You’ve heard the old saying that “less is more.” Apparently, this isn’t true when it comes to email marketing. According to a recent JangoMail survey, 67% of those who enjoy consistent email marketing success include three or more calls to action in their email campaigns.

This reminds me of my college days when I worked as a telemarketer. We were instructed to get three “no’s” from a prospect before we were allowed to end the call. With email marketing, the rejection isn’t so overt, thank heavens, it’s more about the prospect’s ability to ignore a call to action than to vocally object. (Your email came in the middle of my favorite TV show! Dangnabbit!)

The trick is to offer prospects a variety of actionable choices in hopes of finding the one that meets their needs. This includes asking them to follow you on Twitter or Like your fan page on Facebook.

Of those surveyed, says JangoMail, 50% are usually pleased with campaign results, 40% are sometimes pleased, and 10% are almost never pleased. Which validates the other old saying about pleasing all the people all the time.

JangoMail also found that of the email marketers surveyed:

68% segment their email lists
86% remove unsubscribers
65% read 3 or more marketing publications or blogs  (Including Marketing Pilgrim, we hope)
88% often use advanced tools such as Google Analytics or geotracking analysis

Wait? Only 86% actually remove unsubscribed people from their mailing lists? Or more pointedly, 14% of the marketers admitted that they didn’t remove unsubscribed email addresses. I think I know a few of them.

JangoMail CEO and Founder Ajay Goel sums it up like this:

“Success in email marketing clearly sides with those who tap the many tools and educational resources out there. Customers listen to the companies that take care in reaching out to them.”

Are you running an email marketing campaign? If so, when was the last time you reviewed one of your emails in the same format as a prospect? Sign up for your own mailing list and you may realize that what you’re sending out isn’t as sharp as it could be.

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