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I have written quite a bit both here and on my personal internet marketing blog, Frank Thinking About Internet Marketing, about the plight of the SMB with regard to Internet marketing. It’s the one thing that most SMB’s know about and desire but when it comes to doing it there are plenty of obstacles.

The obvious obstacle is money but the most critical is the SMB’s education in marketing options especially those relating to online opportunities. The SMB owner and / or marketer often has limited knowledge about things such as SEO, paid search and social media but also don’t know where to turn for advice that isn’t attached to someone trying to sell them something on the spot.

That’s why the event called the Local Marketing Expo in Virginia Beach, VA on September 29th at the beautiful Virginia Beach Convention Center is both unique and very much needed. For full disclosure, I will be a speaker at the event on a panel discussing the importance of monitoring social media and the available options for doing it effectively.

Conference Coordinator Nicole Newsome tells us

Our vision was bringing something great to the local SMB marketing community. The organizations locally have been fantastic. The Hampton Roads American Marketing Association has helped us tremendously. We are seeing the power of the local community to drive local business and the amount of interest that these SMB’s have in making the most of their marketing dollars both online and offline. Considering the economy this has been a spectacular response. In fact, we could possibly hit 1,000 attendees!

There will be four keynotes with Sam Feldman of Google’s National Agency Team heading the bill. Other main speakers include Kurt Noer, CEO & Founder, Customer Magnetism, Sharon Frazier, VP of Sales, Cox Media and Maurice Jones, President/Publisher, The Virginian-Pilot.

The expo is an ambitious undertaking in that it is itself a ‘local’ event drawing business owners from Virginia, North Carolina and as far north as the Washington, DC region. The idea behind the all day event is to give the SMB access to the same information that the big players practically take for granted by attending shows like SES and SMX. Most SMB’s can’t make the investment to take advantage of these shows so they never truly get to understand some of the most critical marketing opportunities that can be theirs for the taking.

The event is a full day of speakers and presentations that covers areas like

  • Social Media 101
  • Google Adwords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-mail marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Tracking Your Marketing Efforts

Register today especially if you are within driving range of this event. It will be worth the effort. Marketing Pilgrim readers who would like to attend can use the code PILGRIM to receive a discount of $40 off the already reasonable price of $129 for the day ($249 at the door with no discount offered at the door).

If you are an SMB who is looking for the opportunity to expand your Internet marketing knowledge this is a show designed to meet your needs. As local and mobile continue to increase in importance every day I suspect this won’t be the last show of its kind.

See you in Virginia Beach!

  • Wow. Nice to have something so close to Raleigh. Might have to drive up for that one!

  • Christine

    So glad to hear something like this is coming my way! Thank you so much for the great information, and thank you to Local Marketing Expo as well!


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