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Just over two years ago the folks over at Ontolo–Ben Wills and Garrett French– set out on the impossible quest to design a link building service that would bring forth the most relevant and valuable link prospects for link building campaigns.

They began work on a toolset to automate as much of the Link Prospecting and Link Qualification work as possible by crawling and analyzing thousands of link prospects against over 100 different valuation metrics.A tool that eliminates at least half of your link building work and doubles the time you can spend on link outreach. A tool that, In effect, gets you twice as many links each week without your having to work a single minute more.

And so, today, I’m excited to announce for them the latest version of the Ontolo Link Building Toolset. With a single click of a button, you can discover the most relevant and valuable link prospects for your link building campaign, be it content marketing and guest posting, sponsorships and donation-based, niche web directory submissions, or many, many more.

However, this tool won’t be available for two more weeks (October 12th) and they’re ONLY taking on 250 accounts before the end of the year. They want to really take care of each customer and work closely with them to quickly and frequently roll out features based on feedback. Until launch, they’re going to be announcing new features almost every day, additional tutorials and possibly even exclusive white papers and demo accounts. Everything will FIRST be announced on their announcement email list, which you can subscribe to here.

They have a big launch planned and it sounds like thousands of SEOs and link builders might be hearing about this new product at launch so if you’re at all interested in getting in before the door closes at 250 accounts I highly recommend you get on the announcements list now.

All of that aside, let’s get into the good stuff!

Link Building on Steroids!

Some of you might know that I worked with Ben and Garrett – the guys behind Ontolo – for several years. When I started Fortune Interactive, I even brought Ben on board as my VP of Operations, overseeing the strategy design and implementation for all of our clients. Before that, both worked with me at WebSourced/KeywordRanking and I can tell you that Ben was just as obsessed with link building in 2001 as he is today! 😉

When you setup your account, you get to define three critical pieces to any link building campaign: your top SEO keywords, your top link prospecting keywords, and the kinds of links that you want.

The Ontolo Link Building Toolset then works, every day, to discover, crawl, analyze, and collect 3rd-party data for every single link prospect discovered.

Here’s a short list of the main data that is collected and analyzed:

  • Fully searchable indexes of the title tag and body text of each prospect.
  • Relevance Scoring: Each URL’s title tag and body text is analyzed against your SEO keywords to come up with an aggregate score of how relevant that page is for your link building campaign. This lets you identify, say, guest posts that are highly relevant to your targeted keywords. Finding a guest post that’s been written on your topic automatically prequalifies that link prospect for you. They’ve published guest posts about your industry, and are much more likely to do so again.
  • Outbound Links; unique links, unique domains, followed counts and percentages. This lets you find, say, blog posts with a large number of outbound links, but a low nofollow percent, ideally indicating a great opportunity for a link request on a page with a high chance of getting a followed link.
  • Google PageRank; URL, subdomain and domain PageRank.
  • SEOMoz “Links to” scores. Almost 50 scores hereto analyze how many backlinks go to that URL, subdomain and domain. Want to find guest posts that have a high number of links to them? Easy. Just cross-segment against these numbers.
  • Other SEOMoz Scores: MozRank, MozTrust, Authority, Ips to URL, and Cblocks to URL.
  • Contact Information; Email addresses, contact URLs, advertising URLs, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, Blog URLs, and RSS Urls.
  • Alexa Rank data.
  • What’s likely coming in the future: Majestic SEO data, Compete data, Retweet data.

The key here, and what really sets the Ontolo Link Building Toolset apart from other link building services, is that you can combine any of these scores while searching on the full text of each and every link prospect.

Even with a great toolset, finding and analyzing over 15,000 link prospects for each month can still be incredibly tedious. That’s why they’ve provided the ability to perform advanced search queries on the body text, title tag, and URL. Imagine what it would be like to find donation opportunities that don’t say “sponsored links” or “paid links” on them. Or, what if you could find pages that have linked to infographics about windows and green energy, but that don’t have the word “Microsoft” on the page? Are you beginning to see how powerful this kind of data and analysis can be for your campaign?

Read enough? Get on the waiting list now!

Comprehensive Reporting

If you’ve ever used any sort of fancy, advanced search tools, you know how overwhelming it can be to configure dozens of different settings to get at a single report. The guys at Ontolo have put together over a dozen reports to get at very specific kinds of link opportunities in just a few clicks!.

They were kind enough to send screenshots of three reports: “Top Sites Linking Out”, “Most Linkable Content”, and the “Link Type Search”.

The Top Sites Linking Out report is exactly what it sounds like: it makes it easy to find the top sites that are linking to other sites. With this kind of report, you can see how to find “car insurance” link prospects that don’t mention motorcycles, boats or Rvs. For someone selling this kind of car insurance in a competitive space, this kind of report that finds pages that are already linking out to multiple sites becomes immensely invaluable.

The Most Linkable Content report makes it easy to find the top content that’s attracting links. This is the kind of stuff that Garrett–or any writer, for that matter–goes nuts over. This kind of report helps you find both the type of content and the topics of content that are getting links. This is exactly the kind of report you want to give to your content strategists.

The “Link Type” Search report is where things get really interesting. With this report, at the click of a button, you can find guest post opportunities, directories, blog comments, etc. They’ve told me they’ll be constantly adding new opportunities here as they get more feedback as to what kinds of links people want to easily discover.

Finally, they make it easy for you to export your data into Excel. They’ve told me they’re working on a prospect management system and expect it to be rolled out before the end of the year. Until then, you can export to your clipboard, CSV, Excel, printer.

* Note that each report has, potentially, dozens of columns of data and you’re only seeing the first few here.

Only 250 Subscriptions Available!

So, there you have it, folks! This offering from Ontolo just might change the face of how we do link building from now on.

As a final note, they wanted me to pass along word that today is the last day to get the current pricing at $497/mo for their top-tier service. After that, the price will be going up a fair amount. That price is also good for as long as you are a customer.

** Click here to get the final day sale! **

(Note: All links are affiliate links. They may be my friends for 10 years, but a man has eat!)

  • It looks really interesting. I’ll subscribe to the list right now.

  • If you’re hiring a freelance linkbuilder for you web site, it be good to suggest this tool to him or her. That way you can raise the quota for approved links.

  • Joe

    I’ve been scanning blogs all morning for the best possible link building tools. I think I just may have found what I was looking for. Although, the exclusivity of this tool got me thinking about other possibilities. Thousands and thousands of people will be able to use this, so why limit it to 250 people?

    Either way I hope to get my hands on this tool and take it for a drive.

  • I’m always looking for quality link building tools to aid in everyday work. The comprehensive reporting feature is very appealing, since reporting can be one of the most stressful times of the month!

  • Wow! Adding the contact/blog/advertise URL is a REALLY nice touch. That alone would take at least 2 minutes off of my link prospecting per opportunity. Multiply that by 100/day and that starts to add up quickly.

  • Hi, one more think I want to tell you, Do you want your website to be more visible in short-term? Then you can opt for pay per click (PPC) services. Pay per click is also known as pay per impression . Its also a very good thinks for generating more visitors…

  • Looks like a great tool. But the price is kind of expensive…

  • LOL at the price. Good luck with signing people up at that rate.
    If this is an attempt at linkbait, well done. But if you’re serious about that price, think again.
    There are tons of link building tools out there, and at vastly cheaper cost.