Search as Fast as Bob Dylan Sings with Google Instant’s TV Ad

While Valleywag seems more interested in how Google’s new ad for Google Instant might ruffle Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ feathers, I find myself enjoying the actual ad.

That’s not always been the case with Google’s TV ad attempts, but I think this mashup of Bob Dylan’s 1965 hit “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and Google Instant is a cool way to reach both young and old.

Edible Social Media Marketing

Hungry? Check Twitter and you’re sure to find some suggestions that will satisfy both your tummy and your need to share information online. But among all the discounts and Foursquare check-ins, there’s one company that has made social media an integral part of their dining concept. It’s called 4food and it’s giving all new meaning to the phrase “have it your way.”

4food serves hamburgers with a healthy twist. They have one shop in Manhattan but they’re getting press from all over thanks to their innovative concept. Instead of offering a set menu, the customer is asked to create their own special burger by mixing and matching ingredients from a long list. You can give your order to a waiter, the old fashioned way. Or you can sit down to an iPad (which is bolted to the table) and take your time developing your masterpiece. Then, you can surf the web free of charge while you wait for your creation to arrive.

Google Instant: Wasn’t Caffeine Jittery Enough?

Google today has announced the widespread use of their new Google Instant technology, which shows that maybe the search giant really does know what you are thinking or what you SHOULD be thinking.

The premise of the new approach to search is that while you type your query Google is showing you results on the go. The results change as you add more to the search string and the suggestions for what you really might be looking for are always changing below your input.

Here is Google’s presentation of the new service in classic Google video format.

The post over at the Official Google Blog trumpets

Local Marketing Expo Provides Much Needed SMB Education

I have written quite a bit both here and on my personal internet marketing blog, Frank Thinking About Internet Marketing, about the plight of the SMB with regard to Internet marketing. It’s the one thing that most SMB’s know about and desire but when it comes to doing it there are plenty of obstacles.

The obvious obstacle is money but the most critical is the SMB’s education in marketing options especially those relating to online opportunities. The SMB owner and / or marketer often has limited knowledge about things such as SEO, paid search and social media but also don’t know where to turn for advice that isn’t attached to someone trying to sell them something on the spot.

23 Words from Google that Should Strike Fear in Your Heart!

“We can suggest what you should do next, what you care about. Imagine: We know where you are, we know what you like.”

Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google, September 2010

How Yahoo Made it Easier for Google to Steal Its Users

I’m pretty sure that when Yahoo decided to adopt OpenID, making it easier for users to switch to Google, was not on the list of benefits it had in mind.

Well, OpenId does make it easier for you to login to your Yahoo account and share information with trusted, third-party sites. That’s something that Google plans to take advantage of, by making it easier to set up a Google Account:

To make this process simpler, we’re now using an Internet standard called OpenID which is supported by several email providers, including Yahoo!…

I think it’s somewhat hypocritical that Google makes it soooo easy to sign up for Gmail et al, yet isn’t exactly setting the standard for making it easy for us to get our information back out of Google. :-P

Will Paid Apps “Per Season” Be the New Rage?

The marketing world has been working hard to try and corral the power of apps for the iPhone and Android users of the world. Just when it looked like there was some settling of the waters the iPad comes along and churns everything again. This can be a tough game to figure out.

That’s why the approach taken by Fox News to create its first paid app, that initially looks to be just for the US mid-term election period between now and Early November, an interesting play. The news source has developed an offshoot of its existing iPhone app and will sell the new, more focused version for 99 cents. The focus on a hot topic like these elections is what they are banking on for success.