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The chart from iCrossing Mobile via SAI below tells me one thing clearly. When people get to the office in the morning they start searching like crazy. I’m not saying they are working but they sure are searching.

As the day wears on, the office search mojo wanes probably because there may be actual work to get done before heading home. Mobile search, however, picks up the slack in the evening. I suspect that is due to the “watch TV but use your phone to surf” syndrome that many of us are afflicted with.

SAI stated

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said yesterday at the TechCrunch conference that he believes mobile search activity and revenue will eventually be bigger than desktop search. For Google to say that, it means mobile search is going to have to be huge.

Mobile is real. Are you ready to take advantage or will you play catch up?

  • Cool. That’s true for me!
    I’d like to see a top 10 category broad type of thing showing the top search words/phrases/information by hour to read more into this data.

  • This is priceless stuff! Time to change those Adword settings.

  • I’m surprised I don’t see more of a blip earlier in the day. I know I check my email from my phone before I even get out of bed in the morning, and I’m using it to check if the train is on time, what traffic is like, etc. If there’s nothing important to respond to before I leave for the office, I often won’t even boot up my laptop.

    Google released a research report last year that looks at the category searches are in, and compares desktop vs mobile searches in each category, though time of day isn’t taken into account.