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Have you made your holiday gift list yet? Not the list of things you need to buy for others, the list of things you want other people to buy for you. ShopLocal is making it easier with a new gizmo they’re adding that connects their Smart Circulars to Facebook, natch.

I couldn’t find a picture of the “Gift Me This” widget in action, but it’s likely just a rebranded version of the graphic you see right here. When a consumer flips through the online version of a ShopLocal circular, they have the ability to choose items and send them to Facebook. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to spread the word about a bonus offer on a DVD from Best Buy or a cool deal on recyclable paper at Staples.

At the heart of it, this is just a version of the famed Amazon wish list, but it takes it one step further by adding a social aspect. Because you can add a comment before posting, “Gift Me This” invites conversation about a product and that’s important when it comes to social media marketing.

On the marketing side, those comments are added to the store’s Smart Circular acting as mini reviews when someone else clicks that product. They can also be integrated into a Local Deals tab on the company’s Facebook page.

As the race for the consumer’s holiday dollars heats up, this small widget could have a big effect on sales. Visit to see their consumer site in action, or visit
the ShopLocal blog to learn more about the new “Gift Me This” widget.

  • What is wishlist component can you talk to me more about that?

  • Just what we need. More stuff that shouts about OUR needs to others.

    Honestly, broadcasting what you want someone to buy you is distasteful in my book. I realize that I am likely in some form of a minority but enough already about everyone shouting about themselves.

  • Steve

    Yawn. SortPrice has a Facebook app CALLED “The Wishlist” that has been up and running for over two years that lets you shop right on Facebook and build lists. ShopLocal is WAY behind the curve here.

    • Cynthia Boris

      The difference is that ShopLocal’s is attached to the big circulars that people are already reading. For me, it would help if my teenager flipped through the Best Buy circular and hit the “Give Me” on things he’s interested in – that’s a quick and easy way to make a holiday shopping list. I get the list, the price and where to buy it all in one.