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ChannelAdvisors’ 2010 Consumer Shopping Habits Survey is out just in time for the holiday season. The free report provides valuable insights for anyone in the ecommerce, B2C space.

So, what jumped out at me?

Well, it wasn’t so much that 59% of those surveyed start their gift search at a search engine–with 28% heading straight to a marketplace such as eBay or Amazon–but what did intrigue me were the starts on just how inconsequential brand recognition is.

A surprising 67% said they would purchase an identical product from an unknown website if the retailer offered a better value. Better value? What do they mean by that?

Well, it appears low pricing and free shipping trump all:

Also of significance? Of the 92% of consumers that say they read product reviews, only 3% say they weren’t swayed by such reviews. That means a staggering 83% of ALL consumers are influenced by online reviews.

So, want to improve your sales this holiday season? If you’re a retailer, make sure you have product reviews, low pricing, and free shipping. If you’re a trying to improve the sales of your products on a merchant’s web site, you’d better make sure you’re receiving positive reviews! 😉

  • Cynthia

    Free Shipping is a huge make it or break it point for me when I shop online. Particularly if it’s an item I can pick up at a store. Shipping charges are insane these days – I bought a single jar of moisturizer online and the shipping was 7.00. This is the reason Amazon gets so much of my business, because I can buy a variety of items and put them together to get it shipped free.

  • I am part of that statistics, but aside from searching for the item online, I still go to the store to look and feel that product. The only reason that would make me go back home and look for it in the internet is if the price difference is too big. 🙂 I’m such a sucker for online reviews because I feel that those are actually sincere since those people took the time to write those reviews. Let me share with you an article that I found on Twitter Marketing Techniques that Actually Work. I fall for these techniques, to think that I am a marketing person myself. Oh well, you gotta love what you do 🙂