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Sometimes, Hollywood admen don’t tell the truth. I know, you’re shocked, but that’s not to say they’re lying to us. It’s more a case of believing their own press.

Vincent Bruzzese, president of the worldwide motion picture group told TheWrap;

“In this business we spin ourselves into perceptions that aren’t real. They echo through the hallways of this industry, but the facts don’t support the claims.”

One of the claims in question is whether Twitter is an effective strategy for promoting movies. People in the know have stated that “The Blind Side” and “The Karate Kid” both had big box office numbers because of a positive run on Twitter, aka The Twitter Effect.

However, research by Ipsos OTX MediaCT says otherwise.

Their claim is that Twitter is the least used method of communicating consumer opinions about movies. The survey says that consumers received only 1% of their movie recommendations from Twitter. 46% of the people surveyed said random tweets didn’t influence them at all, and 40% said tweeted approval from a friend wouldn’t influence their decision either.

The most popular means was face-to-face between friends and family (48%). Recommendations from co-workers came in at 16% When it comes to social media, Facebook made the list with only 11% of the vote.

Logically, this makes sense for one big reason which is actually quite small. There’s not enough space in a tweet to deliver a movie review with any gusto. Sure, you can write WOW and OMG but it doesn’t have nearly the same impact as an enthusiastic retelling of the car chase in the action thriller you saw over the weekend.

If you’d like to check out movie reviews on Twitter, FFlick gathers them for you in one place.

  • I don’t believe Twitter has caught on with the Hollywood Effect. People just aren’t utilizing it for that reason. @jgwentworth