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Marketers like well-defined groups of people. They like people who are passionate about something and who are dedicated to following whatever that is until the bitter end.

Why? Because if that group makes it that easy to pin them down and their particular likes and dislikes can be discerned then you have the captive audience that could really help your bottom line.

Sports provides those kinds of audiences in ways that many other activities and interests cannot so they are very attractive to the right marketers. Tonight the NFL kicks off the 2010 season (which could be the last one for a while unless a new collective bargaining agreement is hammered out soon) and sports marketing both online and offline are brought into the sharpest focus of any time of the year.

The next three months offer college football, NFL football, baseball playoffs and the World Series, the start of the NHL and NBA seasons and more. With the economy being what it is this could be a banner year for people staying home to watch the big game(s) on TV so marketers are paying close attention to how sports fans retrieve and ingest their information and where they get it from.

Burst Media has done a survey that shows just how this special group of people gets their sports information and it might be worth a look to see what their preferences are. Avid sports fan like the Net over TV

And even more importantly there is a sizable portion of these fans that have taken their interest over to social media as well.

So what’s this mean for marketers? It means that sports may be a better play than ever because the passion and fanaticism that has made this target market a marketers’ dream for a long time is truly spilling over into the online space. Now it may be possible to make these nuts even nuttier and to further define them by their social media habits.

Here’s to plenty of fun watching people beat each other up while being target marketed out the ying-yang for the next few months. You gotta love football.

  • Interesting study – I would never have guessed the pervasiveness of the Internet when it comes to football. Either way, I’m just glad to have it back on!