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If you’re a regular Marketing Pilgrim reader, you’ve likely taken advantage of the cool reports and whitepapers that AdGooroo has been sharing via their ad on the right. Over there ====>

Well, now AdGooroo CEO Richard Stokes is spilling the beans in his brand new book Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

The book is picking up rave reviews–including a perfect 5 stars on Amazon–and promises to share:

  • The “$100 Bidding Myth”: why outbidding competitors rarely results in more traffic
  • Simple website changes that can increase sales by 500%
  • How to drive 80% or more of online revenues with rare superconverter keywords
  • Winning strategies of the world’s top search marketers
  • The best ads on the internet and how to write them
  • The real factors for driving high click-through rates
  • How to find competitors’ budgets, ad copy, and best keywords
  • How to manage bids without expensive bid-management software
  • And more!

Not bad for less than seventeen bucks!

Thanks to Richard, you may not even need to pay that! He’s provided us with 3 copies to give away, so give away we will!

Want a copy?

How to enter this contest: Simply leave a comment below and we’ll randomly pick 3 winners (deadline for entry is 6pm ET this Wednesday).

That’s all you need to do! And, if you don’t win, you can grab a copy from


  • Aw shucks, I love trying to win free stuff.

    Pick me! Pick me!


  • I’m 19, and have been learning PPC marketing since the beginning of this year. I started reading your blog about a month ago, after finding it in a Top 10 SEO blogs (or something like that) list. Anyhow, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, and was excited to see this giveaway. I’d love to win this book to help me learn even more about PPC.

  • Dean Higginbotham

    I’m curious about this: “How to find competitors’ budgets, ad copy, and best keywords”

    Not to knock the author, I am truly curious…but it seems like an unrealistic claim, and/or something a James Bond or Chuck would get involved in…

  • Hi! I’d really like the book because so far everything I try doesn’t seem to work. I think my hourly wage is $0.0001 cents per hour. So if your book gave me a 1000% increase, I’d be up to $0.01 per hour, which would be good. Assuming my math is correct. If my math is not correct, that in itself could be some indication of why my present seo strategies are failing.

  • I totally need this book! I’ve never won anything online, and I just got a new job at and I need to impress everyone with my Paid Search skills 😉

  • Joe Rizzo

    A comment below

  • Rob Stevens

    Always good stuff to know. Please pick me!

  • mark s

    What I wouldn’t give for that book!

  • Thad Lanthripe

    Would love to pick up a copy of this book. Sounds great.

  • I bought Richard Stokes first book on Impression Share, most people still have no idea. Put me in for the copy of the book. Thanks


  • I am really looking forward to reading and reviewing this book on my blog about Internet marketing and ecommerce.

  • Chris

    How does one find competitors’ budgets, ad copy, and best keywords? I really am intrigued by this one point more than any of the others, although I’m convinced there will be gems throughout. Here’s hoping!

  • Wow. I really like it, when prizes are Things, i consider to Be interesting and useful. Though english ppc Books are the Best available i Hope i will Win One. But nonethless, good luck to you all…

  • M.D.R

    Marketing Pilgrim is my go to site for Marketing related news and stories. Keep up the good work! Winning this “Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising” Book” will be just a bonus.

  • Eli

    I would love to read this book, since with PCC you can never know everything.

  • I’m “Stoked” about Richard Stokes’ new book!

  • I have been working in PPC for several years and I still haven’t seen many patterns that I can apply to get more clicks. I hope this book will point me in the right direction!

  • Alexander

    Love the site – would love the book even more! 😉 Chances are… Hope for the best and expect the worse.

  • Jen Staub

    Love Marketing Pilgram–been following you for awhile now! I just quit my job & looking for a new one–this book would awesome! Thanks!

  • jeffrey

    I would love to learn more about ppc. Im entering the contest

  • Derek C

    Sounds like a great book to read!

  • George

    Keep up the great work with the site. The book looks a great read.

  • Alan

    Just started getting into ppc, hopefully this book will help with that path!

  • Mick

    Competition, you say? Free book, you say? Oh, if only I had the time to comment …

  • Thanks for running these type of promo!

  • Yes Please!

  • Gotta love Marketing Pilgrim and very useful stunts like this one! Good show!

  • Brian Watson

    I think a lot of SEM people are living 5 minutes behind. I want to know what is happening next. I just saw this blog and am interested in what this book really has to say I’ve been working for the last 3 years with SEM, Display, and Social. Thanks.

  • Jay

    I’m in.

  • Would love to check out the “Ultimate Guide” to possibly recommend to clients who struggle with this part of their marketing program. Thanks for the opportunity, Andy! 😉

  • Cindy

    I would like to work smarter, not harder. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book.

  • Alex P.

    Would love to read the book!

  • Anne Marie P

    I just started in SEM, and this book sounds like a true investment. Thank you for the opportunity to win it!!

  • def could use the book on PPC since it’s not my strong suite