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I am the first to admit that the whole ‘mommy blogger’ phenomenon has been beaten within an inch of its online life but that doesn’t make it less important. Take it a step further and really look at those who are actually reading these mommy blogger posts and you are touching on marketing gold.

Moms are the ultimate influencers on most purchases in the home as a result there can never be enough information about what clicks with them when they are looking for a blog that resonates with their particular brand of ‘mommying’.

eMarketer and Unicast help the marketing community to hopefully understand this powerful group’s online needs a little better

The No. 1 reason moms of all ages begin to read mom blogs is not that they had their first child or wanted to connect with other moms—though those are important first causes—but that they were looking for ways to save money. Similarly, the top characteristic of their favorite mom blogs was being budget-oriented, which came ahead of being informative, humorous, relatable or even fast to read.

With moms it’s really all about the benjamins (or saving a few washingtons at least). Here’s what gets a mom’s attention from advertisers in this space.

Also, when moms are hitting the parenting blog circuit they are doing what the best moms always do: they are thinking about their kids and their family first. As a result, advertising for clothing, make-up etc to the mom herself in that environment gets less attention. Here’s what moms are looking for from advertisers on mommy blogs.

This is truly a complex market because it is impossible to classify moms in large chunks. They are unique people in a circumstance that we as marketers want to say is universal but, as every parent can attest to, no two houses or families are alike no matter how alike they seem on the outside.

So if you are a marketer trying to reach this valuable online market segment what have you seen work or not work? Is this data congruent with your experience?

  • Cynthia

    I’m a mommy who blogs, though not really a mommy blogger in the traditional sense. The blogs I read regularly are all related to coupons, giveaways and saving money. And I have been known to buy a product or service based on a coupon or review I saw on a blog. They are effective advertising, that’s for sure.

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