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Texting may be the most popular mode of communication between men, but for men under forty, Facebook beats out phone, Twitter and even email.

The result comes from “The Great Male Survey,” a study conducted by Ipsos OTX for eMarketer boiled the responses down into a nice chart that shows Facebook gaining on texting as you move from young teens up to the 20 somethings. By thirty, Facebook becomes just as important as texting and incredibly, that old fashioned thing called the telephone becomes an even more important tool for communication. Imagine that.

Even though most of the men in the survey didn’t choose Facebook as their main means of communication, an average of 69% of all the men who responded said they do log on to the site regularly. The 20-24 age range comes in on top with 78% of men using Facebook and as you can imagine, it drops off dramatically after 50.

What is surprising is the fact that Twitter barely makes it on to the grid with only 8.5% of the men surveyed saying they use it regularly. 60% said they found it useless.

Once again, these stats prove that I hang around with a weird crowd since I have a large number of men associated with my Twitter account. I imagine it’s because I deal with people in the marketing, online and entertainment business, all of which are heavy on the Y chromosomes.

As for Facebook, my numbers do match up. I follow a large number of men, but rarely do they use the site to send me an email or even comment. My girlfriends, on the other hand, do both with alarming frequency. And all of those Facebook game updates come from the women I follow and that alone is good reason to cut them off in favor of more men.

The bottom line? The men are out there, so keep that in mind when you set up your new Facebook campaign. They may not respond to your fun, daily trivia question, but they are out there reading what you have to say.

  • I agree with this. Take for example my husband, a day would not pass without him checking or updating his Twitter account. He may not update his Facebook as often as Twitter, but he checks it out every single day. He says that he’s not just there for social reasons, but for business. Social networks are now the most popular venue for advertising your business. You can take leads and trends here that’s why he never misses to check them out. Anyways, I tried searching for the efficiency of these network sites and let me share this with you. Combining Social Networking with Efficiency for Better Results There is really money in this that is why my husband takes advantage of it. 🙂

  • Actually a lot of my friends in facebook are men. Men are sociable in social networking like facebook. Can you get what I mean? Sometimes, they are into things that you don’t really expect. =) Nice post.

  • Thanks for sharing this post, excellent! As a firm that serves Men, we’ve certainly noticed as well that doing a lot of comments/communication is not what most men do. They are there though – I’m more likely to get an email about a blog post than anything.

  • I honestly didn’t think anyone thought Facebook was a man-free zone!

    Interesting stats though.

    • Cynthia

      Statistically, there have always been a higher percentage of women than men on Facebook but the difference between the numbers is growing slimmer.

  • I was expecting this post to have something to do with Virginia. Misleading.