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I’m a magazine ripper. I admit it and I know it’s not something everyone understands, but it’s how I roll. As I read my favorite magazines, I rip out recipes, coupons, the occasional photo of a good looking guy (hey, all work and no play. . . ) and I rip out ads.

With the holidays coming, I’ve been ripping more ads than ever so I was very intrigued when I saw the recent ClickZ article on AdKeeper. AdKeeper is an online service that allows you to virtually rip out the ads you see online. Scott Kurnit, founder and former CEO of, is the man behind the plan. He commissioned a study and found that 95% of people tear ads out of magazines, so it appears I’m not alone in this. His logic is anytime you can bring an offline behavior online, you’ve got a winner.

AdKeeper works by putting a small K on ads belonging to any of their advertising partners. The ad creative goes into the usual network channels, consumer sees ad, clicks the K and the ad is stored on that person’s AdKeeper profile page.

This is all very nice in theory, but outside of holiday shopping, I’m not sure how really useful this program will be for consumers. For one, many ads advertise a deal which, if you don’t click on it in a timely manner, won’t be good once you get there.

Second, AdKeeper posts that you can sort by category or advertiser. Is a person likely to save a variety of Best Buy ads or so many ads that they need to choose “auto” in order to find the car ad they liked?

Actually, car advertising is the one niche where I can see this working. If you’re in the market for a new car, you might want to save ads for a variety of models that you see as you browse the internet. I buy a lot of DVDs online, so I guess I might keep ads for new DVDs that I want to put on my shopping list.

At the heart of it, AdKeepers is great for those focused, organized people who don’t allow themselves to be pulled off task while working on the Internet. It’s the same group of people who religiously bookmark articles to read later when they have time.

Right now, the biggest issue is that you can only save ads from partnered sponsors but since AdKeeper is currently offering their service free for the first six months they shouldn’t have any trouble getting advertisers on board for their big push in early 2011.

What do you think of the concept behind AdKeeper?