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You may think of Sears as a stuffy, old fashioned brand, but they’re working hard to change your opinion with a brand new social shopping site and zombies!

Sears has outdone themselves with a Halloween site makeover that doesn’t miss a trick and is loaded with treats. They’ve taken the basic website and replaced the ads with zombie versions such as dead hands showing off rings and a fridge complete with brains on ice. Clicking through the links will take you to a real page where you can buy real items and how can you not buy with an enticement like this?

The center of the page features a Zombie Gift Guide where you’re asked to choose the zombie type (slow, cranky, dirty) and brain preference (runny, chilled, boiled). These lead to more zombie graphics with gift suggestions that are legit.

In keeping with their new social media push, Sears has a Twitter application on their front Zombie page, zombie videos and an in-game site where you can build your own Zombie friend! If you’re fluent in the language, you can also choose to view the page in Zombian (Nah, brahbra! Bargz bra!nz haarh) but English is also available if you’re not up to the challenge.

Visit the Sears Zombie right here and be inspired. They maybe mindless zombies, but this marketing ploy is bloody brilliant.

  • Seb

    You are absolutely right. I thought it was great.

  • Amir

    Yes, it is a good campaign, but it’d be even better if they credited the good people of Urban Dead with inventing the language.

    • Cynthia

      It’s a “real” language – I mean, I figured they just typed a lot of Z’s and H’s and grrrs.

    • Jason

      Actually, has that exact link explaining the language.

  • Good for Sears. I applaud a mature brand like Sears for trying something like this… and the videos are quite funny. I wrote a full review of the campaign here: