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As the world of Internet marketing grows more expansive and thus more confusing each day (think multiple platforms, measurement issues, mobile needs, not even doing the basics well etc. etc) marketers are often faced with decisions that didn’t even exist the day before.

Now add to the mix the excitement that is building around an Android table from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab. It’s a seven-inch tablet so the form is different from the iPad and, of course, it will likely serve to fan the flames of the great Android v Apple debate.

The Wall Street Journal reports

Several major news organizations are lining up behind a new tablet device from Samsung Electronics Co. built on Google Inc. software, in order to broaden mobile readership beyond owners of Apple Inc. popular iPad.

New York Times Co. and News Corp.’s Wall Street Journal will offer software applications for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which goes on sale later this year, according to people familiar with the matter. Gannett Co.’s USA Today also is developing a software application, the publisher said.

These same early app adopters for the iPad who have seen the potential and there is hope that the Android platform will provide some answers to issues that currently face news apps for the iPad. The article continues

Some news organizations have complained that periodicals are a low priority for Apple. The iPad lacks a dedicated hub for selling newspapers and magazines similar to what it offers for books. Newspapers and magazines cannot easily sell subscriptions on the iPad. Apple recently has turned its attention to a subscription offering for newspapers and magazines, people familiar with the matter have said, but it could be months before it’s available on the device.

Since Android devices have suffered a bit due to the relative clunkiness of the Android market payment process as compared Apple’s app store’s system, it will be interesting to see if there are any concessions made for publishers to address this weakness around subscriptions in the iPad fortress.

As with all of this, it is too early to tell. In recent travels I saw an awful lot of iPads in airports etc so the demand is there. Is there pent up demand for a strong Android offering? Maybe. As with anything else though, a little competition never hurt anyone so this could be shaping up to be an interesting battle.

As with our iPhone v Android device question, are you interested in a strong Android tablet offering v. the iPad? What would it take for you to make the commitment one way or the other if you haven’t already?

(Photo credit: Bloomberg News)

  • Chad

    Cant imagine ever paying more than 300-500 for a device that doesnt do anything productive. Still If i were to buy one it would be android.

  • Me

    “Cant imagine ever paying more than 300-500 for a device that doesnt do anything productive.”
    Yup, I have cheap $100 chinese knockof (for ebooks) and I guess I will have to wait a LONG time for a cheap but good tablet (that is not as SLOW as mine)
    Samsung Tab will be here for nearly $1000 – yeah, good luck with that!