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One of the larger issues around the Android platform for mobile has been the payment system. Unlike Apple’s easy to do iTunes pay system for apps, Android users have had to go a few extra steps in order to buy apps. Of course, while it’s not the end of the world, for people who are never satisfied it’s a point of contention.

According to TheStreet Android users are getting close to having a similar experience to pay for apps as Apple users do except it will be done through PayPal

Google has finally enlisted eBay’s PayPal service and is preparing to launch the payment system on its Android Market later this month.

The two Net giants had been moving closer to an agreement in recent weeks. Now, sources familiar with the situation say the deal is all but sealed, with an announcement coming as early as Oct. 26 during the PayPal developers’ conference in San Francisco.

Overall, the quicker Android gets to shake the negative comparisons it garners compared to just how seamless Apple’s systems are, the better off the platform will be. A step like this could go a long way to making that happen.

Whether this turns out to be as advertised, however, is another question.

“Economics” were said to be one of the trickier negotiation points between Google and PayPal as the talks dragged on, so it will be interesting to see if the Android Market checkout process is as smooth as many observers hoped.

Since we are seeing so much more news about Android devices maybe it’s time for us to ask our readers which platform you use. Let us know in the comments sections. Please remember this is not the place for an all out debate about which platform is better. We are just curious as to what our readers are doing for their mobile fix.

I’m a new Android convert (as in just for the past month). What about you?

  • I still prefer iPhone.

  • Jun

    This would be a very welcome feature. I’m also a new Android convert, 2 months ago. And yes, online payment is not as easy as with iPhones. With Paypal in Android, hopefully things would be a lot easier in terms of paying for something online.

  • Get in line.

  • I was completely sold on the premise of Android when it first came out, and bought the second handset that was released (the Magic – wasn’t so keen on the G1 hardware). It’s just amazing how fast the platform is developing.