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ZombieThat’s right there are zombies on the horizon, and no I’m not talking about Sears or this week’s episode of Community. These zombies will be homegrown from soon to be launched blekko.

blekko is a new search engine that is expected to make its public debut on Monday, November 1, and it is sure to foster its own army of zombie followers. What’s that? You are scared? You don’t want search engine obsessed zombies on the Internet? Well don’t worry I’m not actually talking about real brain eating zombies but rather the marketing equivalent.

You can call them brand evangelist, fanboys, or even members of the technology vanguard. But this weekend we will call them zombies. I mean it seems fitting, right? These are super obsessed users that will go to great lengths to totally submerse themselves into a new product or technology. It is these super obsessed users that often times push a brand from obscurity to mainstream. These zombies are powerful marketing assets.

So as marketers you are probably asking yourself, “how can I amass my own zombie army to push my products and services?” The answer lies in designing your products for detail oriented slightly obsessed geeks. Take for example, probably one of the most influential tech zombies, the Apple fanboy. Apple’s fanboys have a close attention to detail, minute features, and add-ons that the mainstream public miss or find useless. This is why Apple devotes so much to product design and development. They understand that their harshest critics are the same ones that are responsible for their success.

blekko is positioning itself to foster its own fanboy zombie army by introducing detail oriented features that will drive search engine geeks wild. Probably the biggest search engine fanboy out there, Aaron Wall, has already given blekko a thumbs-up.

I was given early access to blekko this week. I can honestly say that it is the most innovative product to come out of the search industry since Google launched in the late 90s. The best way that I can explain blekko is a blend between Google, Wolfram Alpha, and a UNIX terminal. blekko takes search to the next level by letting the user create their own ranking methodologies using an easy to learn command style interface they call “slash tags”.

blekko is the kind of product that search obsessed geeks everywhere will fall in love with. For proof that it is already giving birth to their own fanboy zombies, I am going to go back to playing with it after I finish writing this post! Because I am already hungry for more blekko! RWwAaRr!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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