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The above amazing video is of Aaron Fotheringham. If you aren’t familiar with Aaron he is the 16-year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada who achieved the world’s first back flip in a manual wheelchair. After this amazing stunt was uploaded on YouTube, Aaron gained worldwide fame and was put in the center of the world of extreme sports. He’s been featured on ESPN and has traveled around the world promoting a sport that he founded called “hard-core sitting.”

Aaron is amazing not only for his ability to perform amazing tricks in his wheelchair, but also because he makes it look so easy. Unfortunately, there is more to the story than a 15 second YouTube video. When one begins to watch more footage of Aaron they can see that he has had to repeatedly push his body to the limits to achieve perfection. Take a look at the video below to see what Aaron endures to practice his sport.

As you can see preforming these amazing stunts is in no way easy. Aaron has practiced over and over again to reach his current level of success.

Oftentimes, we fail to see the hard part of becoming successful. In large part this is because we want to believe that we are all on a level playing field. We want to believe that if we could only have the same attitude that folks like Aaron has we to can achieve our dreams. But the truth is that many times the only thing that’s stopping us is our fear of falling and feeling the hard pain of failure.

As entrepreneurs we are constantly experimenting with new ideas and concepts that we hope will build strong businesses and innovations. It seems as if the vast majority of entrepreneurs that find success are the ones that accept failure on a regular basis as part of learning how to be successful.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we need to strive for failure, but rather we need to expect it around every corner. We need to try our best and shoot for the stars–with our parachute strapped firmly to our back.

I think this is an important lesson to learn especially for entrepreneurs on the Internet. For some strange reason there is a pervading misconception that building businesses on the Internet is easy. The “build it and they will come” attitude is oftentimes spread by get rich quick con artists that have no real intent on building real sustainable businesses.

The only thing that separates Aaron from the rest of us is that he understands that failing is part of achieving your goals. Sometimes failing over and over again is the only way to truly understand how to be successful. The sooner you accept that you might fail, the sooner you will succeed.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more Joe. “We need to try our best and shoot for the stars–with our parachute strapped firmly to our back.” Classic.