Posted October 4, 2010 7:34 am by with 2 comments

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If you are a marketer looking to reach doctors your best bet may be to get them online. While doctors are busy people their use of the online space for research and other professional needs has increased significantly according to a study done by eMarketer.

Doctors have been some of the slowest adopters of the online space for many reasons but not the least of which is the reliability of online information. Either they now know where to go or they have decided that convenience is good as well. Whatever the reason, their time online is 3 and a half time greater today than it was in 2002.

Doctors turn to the online world for information for just about everything and it is their first stop for information about drugs and more. Marketers who target this select group should be considering moving those valuable advertising dollars to the online space.

So how would you feel if you knew that your doctor was using WebMD to get information for your treatment?

  • I guess, you really can’t fault them for taking advantage of the search and results method that the Internet can effortlessly give them. I mean, have you seen those thick books and many zillion volumes they have for reference? lols.

  • Hopefully they go to authority sites such as webmd and nih to get appropriate information. And if they do the right things, it will only help their patients in turn.