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It’s that time of the month again! (Please remove your mind from the gutter, thank you). It’s time to play the “Is Google Falling Off the Edge of the Earth and Is bing Going to Give it a Shove?” game. As is usually the case, Google is doing fine while the bing and Yahoo alliance is, well, a non-issue for now.

Danny Sullivan reports on the early release of comScore data over at Search Engine Land.

comScore has released its latest search share figures to analysts. UBS is first out of the gate to report them. In the wake of Google Instant, Google is once again gaining share, after several months of slight decline. Meanwhile after months of gains, Yahoo drops after becoming “powered” by Bing.

To be clear, UBS itself doesn’t attribute the gains or losses to Google Instant or the Yahoo transition to Bing. Instead, it’s the return of university students that UBS finds the most likely culprit for changes. It could be coincidence. Other factors might also be involved. But these were two huge changes that perhaps also contributed.

Now for the numbers, Drum roll please

Google: 66.1% (up 0.7 from 65.4%)
Yahoo: 16.7% (down 0.7 from 17.4%
Bing: 11.2% (up 0.1 from 11.1%)
Ask: 3.7% (up 0.1 from 3.8%)
AOL: 2.3% (no change)

Shocked? Surprised? Bored?

Let’s look at the real simple math here. Even when you combine the shares of Yahoo and bing it accounts for 27.9% of searches. That’s not even one third of the total while Google is still sitting at having just about two thirds of the total searches.

There is no real need to complicate things. Yahoo’s run of fooling the comScore’s of the world with their “each slide in a slideshow counts as a search” trick ended in September. Yahoo and bing consummated their deal finally in September. The net / net is that the boost from bing didn’t offset the dip caused by Yahoo being truthful. Google Instant came on board and college kids (the future) use Google more.

Say what you want about Google slipping or being off their game. As long as the other two engines keep bumbling along Google has little to worry about. Too bad because real competition is a good thing for everyone.

  • Google seems to keep that path of the yellow brick road..not even the scary crow can get them to fall off.

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  • I agree, it’s not a huge surprise that Google is dominating the search engine space. I think their STRONG presence in other areas such a telephony, work productivity tools, TV, and everything under the sun makes them almost unstoppable. Its like how Microsoft has Office and how Apple has iPhone. There’s just an insane monopolistic aura surrounding Google. But hey, I’m not complaining. Viva La Google!

  • Hey Frank,

    Unless other SEs can differentiate themselves in some way, it’s pointeless investing in this area.

    Most markets can support two main players, eg MacD and Burgerking, and the rest are alos rans.

    Had hoped Bing would make more impact eg by specializing in one area and owning this.