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While there is debate as to just how people come to follow brands on Facebook it appears as if the “If you build it they will come” approach not the way to go. In other words, if you don’t perform real brand outreach to get someone to ‘Like’ your brand on Facebook or get someone else to promote it for you then your chances for success fall considerably.

eMarketer reports on a survey conducted by DDB Worldwide and Opinionway Research in September tells the story that most Facebook brand followers are not researchers or self-starters.

The report also shows that Facebook brand attrition rates are at 36% and that number doesn’t include those who choose to hide brand updates from their Facebook newsfeed.

So why do people stop following brands on Facebook?

The chart above tells a story that many expect to be the case but I think they still decide to bury their head in the sand about its true impact on their Facebook Page efforts. The reality is that people leave because of crappy content, crappy content delivery or a combination of the two. Too much information, useless information, information overload…call it what you want. With only 7% of these respondents saying that they left the brand because information was not frequent enough it is saying that we need to do more than just produce content. Content for content’s sake is just adding to the noise and people are turning that noise off as a result.

So what’s your take in the use of Facebook by a brand? What produces real results for a brand? What do I mean by real results? I think you know. It’s having people who are genuinely interested in your brand, getting value from your Facebook efforts and thus becoming more loyal to your brand. How do you create real value without adding to the noise?