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It turns out the guys at Ontolo had a pretty great launch of the next version of their Link Building Toolset. And, as is the case with bringing any new product to the market–that does things very differently than anyone else–it sounds like they’ve been hard at work folding in user feedback. The biggest feature that has just been added is the ability to manage multiple projects within your account.

How it works is that you’re now able to define various keywords and competitors on the fly. If you want to manage campaigns or projects in your account, simply add a few Research Keywords for each project and, voila, they’re finding you new prospects for each project that night.

So, what are each of these new parts of your account used to direct their link prospect research for your campaigns?

Relevance Keywords are the keywords that factor into your query relevance score. If you’re using your account for multiple projects, this is what you’ll change on the fly when you’re looking for prospects for each different campaign.

Research Keywords are used to direct their link prospect research. For example, if you’re looking for opportunities for a specific product one week, you might have 5-10 keywords about that product. Then, the next week, you might change your Research Keywords to research various services, etc.

Competitors Domains are used for the competitor links search forms to search on link prospects that link to your competitors, as well as to perform multiple citation analysis. You can change your competitors as often as you would like, allowing you to flexibly find new link opportunities for various campaigns.

Link Types influence what kinds of link opportunities they discover for you. If you’re looking for Guest Post opportunities, you might turn that weight up to 10, but you might then set your Links Pages weight to a 1 until you’re ready to pursue those kinds of links.

They found that once a user digs in a bit and gets to see how it works for their campaigns,they love it! Because of that, they’re now offering Free Trial accounts through their sign up page.

(Disclosure: Ontolo is one of only two companies we trust enough to belong to their affiliate program.)

  • I haven’t tried any kind of those services yet. I will give it a try now. Thanks for the post!

  • I have personally used that service. Just want to say its amazing if used the right way and you have already a basic knowledge. Thanks for sharing. Really interesting overview.

  • Wow. I’m going to go get more information, but this might be *exactly* what I”m looking for. Thank you, ‘cuz this is the first I’d heard about it.

  • This tool seems super useful… may be just what I am looking for for all types of link building…!Thanks!