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Marissa Mayer has been one of the most public of the Google executive team as the VP of search products. No small position considering Google’s unbalanced revenue picture (you know, that 90% of revenue coming from search thing). Now, she has moved to a new position within the search giant which gives the rest of the world an indication of where they think the money is for the future: location and local services.

Bloomberg reports

Marissa Mayer, Google Inc.’s vice president of search products, is taking a new role overseeing location and local services — markets the company is counting on to boost sales.

Mayer, who joined in 1999 as the company’s first female engineer, will run an area that’s crucial to users and Google itself, the Mountain View, California-based company said today in an e-mail. Mayer also is joining Google’s operating committee, the company’s senior most management group, according to a person familiar with the matter, who declined to be identified because the move hasn’t been made public.

“Marissa has made an amazing contribution on search over the last decade, and we’re excited about her input in this new area in the decade ahead,” the company said.

So local it is. If you have been avoiding it or denying it there are no longer any options. Between location, local and mobile there appears to be plenty of work to do and plenty of money to be made.

So it really is true that no matter what kind of business you are you eventually have to do business on a local level. As a result, every location and every place is important. Google sees it and getting ready to capitalize. Are you ready?

(If you would like to read a distinctly negative view of this move check out this take from I don’t agree with it but we are all entitled to our opinions right?)

  • Hi Frank,

    There is another interesting take on SE Roundtable that the move is some what of demotion for Marissa moving her to local platform as the search and associated products haven’t been doing good and with the recent news of most of the people switching away from Instant has also something to do with it.

    But this is just speculation and for me personally this is somewhat an excellent move for her to catchup on the local search & services. Wish her the best 🙂

  • Nice article):-