Posted October 25, 2010 8:13 pm by with 5 comments

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Ask MySpace what he wants to be when he grows up and he’ll tell you flat out – “Facebook.” It’s a typical case of big brother worship and we shouldn’t laugh about it but it’s funny, you know. When the little one tries to dress and sound like his successful big brother. Clomping around in shoes that are too big, hoping his friends will come over and hang with you if you make it easy for them to connect.

But sometimes, idol worship can get you in over your head. Like this week, when The Wall Street Journal caught MySpace leaking user data through apps. Who does that sound like, huh? Who got caught by The Wall Street Journal just a few weeks ago doing the same thing? Facebook.

The data on the MySpace app allows the app owner to get the user id of the players which can lead to them discovering things like the user’s actual MySpace name and photos. You know, the stuff you can see anyway if you visit anyone’s page on MySpace.

I think it’s kind of cute. Little MySpace racing his Big Wheel down the sidewalk after big brother Facebook get’s a ticket for doing 110 in a school zone. Not quite the same impact, but points for effort.

And kudos to The Wall Street Journal (whose parent company owns MySpace) for trying to give their little cousin some street cred. Nice try.

  • Chuck

    Myspace was much-much bigger than Facebook for most of the two website’s spans. Just thought that should be noted. — Facebook was the little brother longer than Myspace has been.

    • Cynthia Boris

      Yes, true, but grant me a little literary license, won’t you – the story doesn’t work as well if the big brother is trying to look like little brother.

  • Mohammad Ali

    after facebook it is now myspace who has started selling user information. social media has almost become unusable nowadays and what once started of as an extremely useful tool has become complete rubbish now. the only thing left to do is wait for new sites like MyCube or Diaspora to release as they seem to care about user privacy and will offer much better privacy control

  • I don’t like Myspace as the features are quite complex and a bit boring. It was born sooner than Facebook but now lags behind.

  • Nathan James

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