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Newspaper publisher Media General has teamed up with Groupon in hopes of driving new traffic to their associated newspaper websites. They’ve started with the Richmond Times-Dispatch and have labeled the offering the “Richmond Daily Deal.” Groupon gets a “powered by” in the logo.

The deals work just as the do on the Groupon website with some slight graphical twists and obviously a much more local focus. When you click on the “buy now” link, you’re taken to the main Groupon website where you can sign in with your Groupon account or Facebook login. It’s assumed that the two companies are splitting the profits but there’s no word on who is making out on the higher end of the deal.

Media General says they expect to add the Groupon deals to online newspapers in six other markets by the end of the year. The company operates the Tampa Tribune out of Florida, Richmond Times-Dispatch out of Virginia and the Winston-Salem Journal out of North Carolina, so it’s likely these markets will be seeing their own deal pages very soon.

I can see the advantage for Media General, but what’s the perk for Groupon? Is it enough that they’re getting access to the newspaper publisher’s email lists? Or does teaming up with local websites, give Groupon a shot at a niche they wouldn’t have had otherwise?

What do you think?

  • It’s great to see companies taking interest in group-buying and daily deal sites. This means more opportunities for both consumers and businesses alike.

    A great site for consumers to use to save is They’ll email you with the best deals and sales in your area. This keeps you from having to search through all the daily deal sites out there and ensures you won’t miss out on a great buy!

  • I live in Richmond and started getting these emails in the last week or two. I actually unsubscribed after the second one because I thought it was RTD’s own lame attempt at ripping off Groupon.

    I am also not happy about automatically being opted-in to the offers simply because I registered on the newspaper website once to comment on an article. That’s a sure way to alienate people.

    • Cynthia Boris

      Interesting. Daily deals ad up fast especially for people who don’t check their mail every day. I can’t believe they automatically include you unless you opt out. Very annoying indeed.

  • Jim

    Another great daily deal website is rolling out across the US. What i like about them is that they give back to charities, schools, churches and such. Neat twist on daily deal websites. Their website is they are looking for charities, schools and churches to apply to receive donations. Pretty cool since there is no cost to them.